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Here’s a new and easier way to find Netflix’s secret categories

Netflix has tons of content and every subscriber knows it could be a bit tricky finding that perfect movie or TV show to watch a night away. The recommendations on our Netflix profiles do a decent job of giving us options but they’re not perfect. We sometimes spend more time browsing through these suggestions than doing actual watching.

To pin down that perfect movie for that rainy afternoon, you may have heard of and used the secret codes that are used for finding Netflix’s secret categories. These codes are convenient tools for narrowing your options down to a specific sub-genre you’re interested in.

It’s a great way of finding obscure Netflix movies that you won’t otherwise find on your profile’s recommended list. For example, you can track down the code to find “Cerebral French-Language Movies from the 1950s” or “Irreverent Independent Mockumentaries” if you so desire.

Using these codes is straightforward enough.  Just point your web browser to “” followed by the numerical code for the sub-genre you want. For example, to find “Australian Crime Movies” (code 3936) type in “” Full list here.

It’s an extensive list of codes so digging through these specific alternate genres can be tedious and time-consuming as well.

Thankfully, software engineer Deekshith Allamaneni recently released a Chrome extension called “Netflix Categories.” This extension breaks down the Netflix codes into easy-to-find categories right on your Chrome browser via a drop-down box.

The extension currently has 100 categories but Allamaneni said more will be added soon.

I tried the extension and apart from being really useful in finding Netflix content, it’s lightweight and doesn’t eat up background resources. The developer claims it works without sending or receiving data too.

To get this handy extension of Netflix Categories, just click on this link on your Chrome web browser then choose “Add to Chrome.”

Here’s a short video of how it works, courtesy of Deekshith Allameneni’s YouTube page.

For Komando app users, click on this link to watch the video.

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