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Here are the IT jobs paying the big bucks

As the job market constantly evolves with emerging technology, employment opportunities for specific types of work have been steadily declining. It’s simply the law of supply and demand at work.

It’s sad if you think about it, but traditional jobs for newspaper reporters, postal workers, librarians, taxi dispatchers, etc., have been dwindling due to the rise of mobile computing, automation, digital media, and the internet.

However, on the flip side, for each job that’s about to disappear, a new one emerges to take its place. And here’s the thing — since it’s technology that’s fueling the job revolution, the IT sector is expected to balloon in the next few years.

So if your trade is about to go the way of the dodo, don’t despair — if you acquire the right skills and expertise, you can go for these emerging IT job positions that are currently in high demand (and they pay the big bucks too.)

Chief listening officer

Don’t laugh but CLOs (Chief Listening Officers) do exist. Since social media services now have huge clout in measuring (and swaying) public opinion, this position manages a brand’s social media presence by monitoring  posts, comments and conversations in various platforms, engaging netizens as needed.

This position requires excellent communication skills and a firm grasp on how social media influence actually works. Typically, qualified candidates have a master’s degree in business or communications and can branch out to other departments like customer service, human resources, sales and marketing.

Typical annual pay for a CLO? $147,083. (Whoa! Where do I sign up?)

Data storyteller

With the rise of AI, speech recognition and deep learning systems, this position is starting to appear in tech job markets everywhere.

What is a “data storyteller?” Also known as a computational linguist, this position helps computer programmers and engineers design products that are suitable for everyday human communication. If you’re aiming for this type of job, language expertise plus a degree in computer engineering, computer science or computer programming is a must.

Average annual pay for a data storyteller? $75,065.

Cybersecurity consultant

If you have a knack for building secure computer networks, with a thorough knowledge of how various parts of a  system make up a whole, then you can try your luck as a cybersecurity consultant.

This job helps companies assess their cybersecurity needs, then recommend ways to secure their systems. Cybersecurity consultants also look for network weaknesses and create company policies to promote computer safety. Additionally, consultants can ensure that a company adheres to computer regulatory standards.

The average pay of this title? $82, 365.

White hat (ethical) hacker

In tech circles, we often hear terms like “security researchers” or “penetration testers.” Well, essentially, these people are talented hackers who are using their skills for good.

Using their hacking know-how, ethical hackers attempt to break into their employer’s systems, searching for cybersecurity weaknesses any which way they can. Their findings can then be used to further shore up a company’s network and software defenses.

Not anyone can be qualified for this job though. Besides the knack for infiltrating computer systems, professional white hats also require an extreme eye for detail and data analysis plus a degree in IT, programming, computer science, criminal justice or cybersecurity.

Average pay for an ethical/white hat hacker/penetration tester? $98,660 a year.

Cyberthreat intelligence analyst

Directly related to cybersecurity consultants and ethical hackers are cyberthreat intelligence analysts. This position studies a company’s cybersecurity space, tests threat probabilities and develops plans on how to manage these threats properly.

A cyberthreat intelligence analyst is comfortable with dealing with the underbelly of the internet, including the Dark Web, going undercover in online forums and secret message boards if necessary, to uncover brewing trends and emerging threats against an organization.

If you have the guts to handle this position, the average pay is $65,206.

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