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Great way to make use of your old tech

We’ve been living in a technology boom for quite some time now. Over the past few decades we’ve seen tons of new tech come and go.

From personal computers, to smartphones and tablets, to virtual assistant-enabled speakers. There have been plenty of products to fill our cabinets, and there is more to come. Check out this cool Ukulele playing robot to see the endless possibilities.

But with so many new devices constantly being added to your collection, what do you do with your old ones? You’re going to love what this guy in the Netherlands decided to do with an old e-reader.

Clever way to convert an old e-reader

As we said earlier, there are tons of new gadgets being developed all the time. Literally!

There was a study done a couple years ago to find out how much e-waste is created and you won’t believe the staggering numbers. E-waste is just a fancy term for old electronics being thrown away.

In the U.S. alone, the amount of electronics thrown away every year is close to 10 million tons. That’s incredible!

That’s why it’s such a great idea to recycle old tech or find new ways to use them instead of rotting in a landfill. Jaap Meijers took creativity to another level here.

His girlfriend is an English literature teacher and wanted to make something special for her. She wanted a clock to put in her living room, and this got Meijers to thinking.

What he came up with is brilliant! He converted an old Kindle e-reader into a clock that tells time by quoting literary works.

For example, instead of just displaying 9:23 p.m., the Kindle will show this quote: “My father met me at the station, the dog jumped up to meet me, missed, and nearly fell in front of the 9:23 p.m. Birmingham express.”

That’s a line from the book, “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4.” The e-reader uses a different quote for every minute of the day instead of just showing a boring old time-piece.

You’re probably thinking that there’s over 1,400 minutes in a day and it would be impossible to find a piece of literature for every one of them. Well, you’re right, it’d be quite the project.

The good news is it’s already been taken care of for you. The U.K. newspaper, “The Guardian,” put this list of quotes together a few years ago from readers who submitted them. That’s what Meijers used to convert the Kindle.

Plus, it will double as a trivia conversation piece. You have to guess what book in history the quote came from and if you don’t know, just push a button on the side of the Kindle and it will show you the title and author. Don’t worry, you can turn the clock function off and use it as an e-reader anytime that you’d like.

If you want to convert an old Kindle into your very own literary clock, Meijers has posted the instructions online. Tap or click here to find out how to make one of these slick literary clocks for your home or as a neat gift.

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