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5 things Google is announcing today, including the new Pixel – don’t miss #4

If you follow the world of technology, and as a Kim Komando fan we know you do, you’re aware that fall is a special time of year. That’s because many of the big tech companies hold events to announce their latest and greatest gadgets and software updates.

Apple announced a bunch of new stuff last month, including new iPhone models, iPads, the Apple Watch Series 5 and more. Tap or click here to get Kim’s take on everything Apple announced.

Now, it’s Google’s turn. Its annual fall hardware showcase takes place at 10 a.m. Eastern, Tuesday, Oct. 15. Keep reading for a preview of what we expect, along with a way to watch the event live.

What to expect from Google’s annual event

1. New smartphone models take center stage

The most hyped gadget announcement is expected to be the Pixel 4. The company has been giving hints about it for months now, it even displayed the smartphone on huge digital billboards recently in Times Square.

Google’s flagship smartphone is expected to be available in two sizes, the Pixel 4 and Pixel XL. Rumors claim the Pixel 4 will be running 147 x 68.9 x 8.2mm with a display between 5.6-and-5.8-inches. The Pixel XL will be a little bigger at 160.4 x 75.2 x 8.2mm, with a display between 6.2-and-6.4-inches.

Both models will come in three different colors including “just black,” “clearly white” and the most eye-popping, “oh so orange.”

One thing you’re really going to love is how the phone’s sensors will be hidden in the bezel at the top of the phone and there won’t be that annoying notch.

A couple of new features of note are “Motion Sense” and “Face Unlock.” Motion Sense detects small motions around the phone so it can recognize gestures and detect when you’re nearby. It allows you to skip songs, snooze alarms and silence phone calls — just by waving your hand. How cool!

Face Unlock sounds similar to Apple’s Face ID, and it is; however, Google went out of its way to point out that it’s being engineered differently to make it work better and more efficiently.

With an iPhone, you have to hold the phone all the way up to your face, pose in a certain way, wait for it to unlock and then swipe to get to the home screen. Pixel 4 will do all of that in a more streamlined way. If the face unlock sensors and algorithms built into the Pixel 4 recognize you, the phone will open as you pick it up, all in one motion.

Here’s a quick video preview of the Pixel 4:


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2. Handy new laptops on the way

Google introduced its original Pixelbook in 2017. Finally, two-years later, we’re expecting to see updates.

The Pixelbook Go is expected to have a 13.3-inch touchscreen display that is offered in either Full HD or 4K resolutions. Other features the Pixelboo Go is rumored  to come with include a 3.5mm headphone jack, two USB-C ports, Intel Core processors, 8GB or 16GB Ram and storage of either 64GB, 128GB or 256GB.

3. Another smart speaker to add to your system

Smart speakers and virtual assistants are all the rage. Google’s latest smart speaker is the Nest Mini.

It’s supposed to have upgraded sound quality from its previous Home Mini. It’ll also come with a 3.5mm stereo jack and several color options.

4. The next-generation smart assistant

Google previously announced its next-generation smart assistant is coming to “new Pixel phones later this year.”

That time is now.

The upgrades sound very impressive. The Assistant is supposed to be able to process requests up to 10 times faster than its old version.

Other than a quick hint that the new Assistant is on the way, the tech giant has been pretty quiet on what to look forward to; however, we expect this to be a major focus during the live event where we should learn all about the impressive new Assistant.


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5. Look out Apple, there are some new buds in town

Apple fans have their AirPods to listen to music; however, there are so many more things you can do with them than just listen to tunes. Here are 6 AirPod tips and tricks you need to know.

AirPods are cool and all, but did you know Google has its own version of earbuds? It’s true, they’re called Google Pixel Buds.

One complaint people have had with Pixel Buds is they are connected to each other with a wire. There are rumors Google will announce an update to its Pixel Buds at this event and could possibly get rid of the wire, making them truly wireless.

How to watch Google’s annual reveal event

If you want to watch Google’s event live, we’ve got you covered. Simply open the video below to watch Google’s annual fall event live, beginning at 10 a.m. Eastern, Oct. 15.

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