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Google redesign: New features and tricks to know about for your next search

Whether it’s Amazon, Microsoft, Apple or Google, Big Tech likes to make a production out of its big announcements. Even when there’s no big stage production, the big boys make sure everyone knows that something is coming. Though we’re living in a time of social distancing, anyone can attend these events virtually.

This week we saw Amazon unveil a host of new hardware and features, including an interactive robot powered by Alexa, a budget smart thermostat, updated Alexa and more. Tap or click here for our roundup of the Amazon event.

Google followed closely on Amazon’s heels with its Google Search On event. Unsurprisingly, the announcements include a redesigned Google Search along with other new features.

MUM’s the word

Google’s new search and explore plan is powered by Multitask Unified Model technology or MUM. This algorithm will be integrated into Google Search and Lens, offering different ways to find something and learn more about it.

Google Lens


Earlier this year, Google held its I/O conference, which included updates to Google Lens. The app can translate text in real-time, search photos, scan barcodes, help with price shopping and more.

Google gives a couple of examples of how MUM adds even more to Lens. If you find a pattern you like in an article of clothing, you can ask Google to find that same pattern on something else. This is an example of combining images and words to get better matches for what you’re looking for.

If your bike is busted, take a picture of the bad part and ask Google how to fix it. The algorithm will locate a video containing a similar issue and give you the results.

Keep calm and Search On


MUM is coming to Google Search to give you ideas built around your search. For example, if you search for “acrylic painting,” you’ll get a list of “Things to know” with your results. This shows topics gathered by analyzing other searches related to yours. You may find something you didn’t even think to look for.

While you’re doing your search, zoom in and out of topics to refine or broaden your search with suggestions. Try searching for something like “Halloween decorating ideas” to try out this feature now.



MUM can identify topics within a video and give you other topics that relate to it. Even if the video doesn’t mention the topic itself, the algorithm will do its best to find it and guide you to look further. Through this, you can discover more related pages and media than you normally would.

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