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Google incognito mode isn’t so incognito!

We all like to do it! Whether it’s at the office or coffee shop, we like to take a few minutes here and there to browse for something personal on the web.

We used to worry about our boss or others in a public setting being able to snoop on our browsing history. But then Google Chrome’s Incognito came out and we thought our worries were over.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A developer for Google’s Chrome browser has some bad news. The Incognito Mode is actually not that private. In fact, almost all browsers that offer a “private browsing” mode aren’t able to keep the websites you visit hidden.

While Chrome’s secret browsing feature is still useful, it’s not going to keep everything private from your employer or others. That’s why we’re told it’s called Incognito Mode and not a name that’s more definitive.

How Incognito Mode works

Instead of blocking your browsing history altogether, what Incognito Mode does is “pause” the recording processes that go on from cookies to browsing history as well as searches. In other words, that’s not a good thing if you’re trying to mix business with pleasure.

Here’s an easy way to figure out if websites secure themselves. If they do not start with “https” then the site is probably not that secure and there’s a good chance your workplace admin is going to see it.

If the website you browse does start with “https” then your chances are better that no one else will see what sites you visit. However, this only gives you some protection. While your messages might not be seen, the website you visited is still fair game along when you logged in.


If you’re really needing privacy, then experts recommend using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). By combining a VPN with a private browsing mode such as Incognito, you should have a sufficient amount of security against hackers, advertisers and to some degree your employer.

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