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Update Chrome to get access to a bunch of time-saving new features

Storing online files and documents in Google Drive is incredibly helpful. Once uploaded, they are safe from accidental deletion, malware infection, or when you might run out of storage space. Tap or click here for nine things you didn’t know your Chromebook could do.

But there is a slight issue in locating files once they’ve been closed. Even if you create a shortcut to Google Drive, it can be challenging to find an exact file again. If you want to continue working on a specific document, it would be great to display it first.

Well, that is what a forthcoming update to Google’s Chrome browser will be doing. Keep reading to take advantage of this time-saving tool.

Here’s the backstory

In a Google Workspace Update, the company revealed that Chrome would be getting an additional card on the New Tab Page. This card will display recent Google Drive files you worked on, making it easy to jump right back into editing them.

Google said, “In 2019, we launched the ability for some users to quickly search for files in the Chrome browser URL bar. Today, we’re taking that experience one step further by bringing intelligent file suggestions directly into your New Tab Page in Chrome.”

The new feature will be turned on by default when you update to the latest version of Chrome. If you have changed your New Tab Page experience at any time, the feature might be turned off. You will have to enable it if you want to use it. When you are on the New Tab Page, click Customize Chrome to enable it.

If you don’t see the change immediately, don’t stress. The update can take up to 15 days to reach you as Google gradually rolls it out for everybody.

How to update Google Chrome

You’ll need the latest version of Chrome for the new function, and it is relatively easy to do. Here’s how you update your Chrome browser:

  • Open Chrome
  • Click on the Menu button in the top-right corner (three stacked dots)
  • Hover your cursor over Help
  • Click on About Chrome

This will display the version you are currently on. If an update is available, it will automatically start downloading. Don’t forget to save whatever you are working on, as the browser needs to reload when completed.

Once updated, when you open a New Tab Page, you should see the From your Google Drive card underneath the search box.

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