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Google Drive app shutting down? Here’s what you need to know

Google says that it handles over 3 billion searches every day worldwide. Which means it completes over 1 trillion searches per year. That’s incredible!

But Google is much more than a search engine these days. The tech giant offers many helpful products such as Maps, Chrome, Gmail, Google Home and much more. However, one of its popular desktop apps is about to go away, forever.

Google Drive Desktop App shutting down

We’re talking about the Google Drive desktop app. Google Drive is used to store files in the cloud so they can be reached from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The company announced this week that it will end support for the Google Drive desktop app on both Windows and macOS. Support will officially be stopped on December 11, 2017. The desktop app will be completely shut down on March 12, 2018.

Google is replacing this app with a new one called Backup and Sync. But how long will this new app last? Google can end support for apps like this at anytime, leaving users out in the cold.

You need a more reliable way to backup your critical files. That’s because cybercriminals are always looking for new victims with digital threats like ransomware.

Encryption-based ransomware is constantly evolving. Cybercriminals are developing more complicated variants that make it harder for anti-malware software to detect. Once your gadget is infected, there is no guarantee that you will recover your data, even if you pay the ransom.

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