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Gsuite outage Google Calendar down offline

Update: Google Calendar has been restored

Update – 12:30 p.m. eastern:  Google Calendar service has been restored. Better get to that meeting.

Previous report: If you just realized Google Calendar isn’t working Tuesday morning, you’re not alone. Shortly after 10 a.m. eastern, it went down for most users worldwide.

When trying to log on, users are instead seeing either a 404 or a 503 error. For reference, a 404 error means a specific page isn’t available on the server where a 503 means the whole server is unavailable. That escalated quickly.

On their app status page, Google says they’re investigating the issue and will provide more info shortly. It’s also been recategorized from a service disruption to a full-on service outage.


As a quick fix you should still be able to see your entries and other appointments through the Google Calendar app on your phone. But sorry to break it to you, a Google Calendar outage doesn’t mean those meetings at work are canceled and you get to go home. Guess you’ll need to set a phone alarm as a reminder instead.

Google Calendar G Suite service outage

On a coincidental side note, it was just a couple of hours before the outage when the G Suite Twitter account tweeted about how simple scheduling is with Google Calendar. Not at the moment.

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