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Good news! Gmail now lets you “undo” sent emails

It happens more often than you think. So you’re typing an intense email, explaining exactly how you feel to your friend or your workmate. You hit send, then suddenly it hits you: You just sent that email to the wrong person! Oops.

Or maybe you noticed an embarrassing typo or a grammatical error in an important email at the last second. Hmm, that’s not good, right?

Well, accidents like these happen all the time, especially now that we have so many distractions online. And don’t you just wish there were a way to undo that mistake?

Yes, there is. Well, at least in Gmail’s web version, iOS app and on Google’s Inbox app.

And now, Gmail’s face-saving Undo feature finally arrives on Android.

Gmail Undo is now available on Android

Google is now updating its Gmail app for Android with one of its best lifesaving features – the option to undo and unsend an email.

Spotted by Android Police, the feature is now being rolled out in the latest version of Gmail app from Android, which is version 8.7.

If you don’t see the feature yet, don’t worry, if you have the latest version of the Gmail app installed, it should roll out to your phone soon.

However, Android Police also noted that sometimes, the new feature wouldn’t show up for a few minutes or would only appear after the Gmail app has been force-stopped. This indicates that the feature is being enabled via a server-side switch.

Google’s support page about sending or unsending Gmail messages have also been recently updated to include directions for Android.

It’s quite surprising that it took this long for the Undo option to make it to the Android Gmail app. The feature already exists in Google’s experimental Inbox app for both iOS and Android, as well as the Gmail app for iOS, for several years now.

How does Gmail’s Undo feature work

This Undo option actually started as a Google Labs experiment and was rolled out to Gmail in 2015.

By adding a short time delay from when your email hits Gmail’s server and when it gets sent to the receiving server, you’ll have ample time (around 10 seconds)  to pull it back.

Note: “Undo” is not the only new feature that’s rolling out for mobile Gmail users. The ultra-useful Confidential Mode is now available too!

How to use Gmail’s Undo on mobile


Using Gmail’s Undo feature on Android is straightforward enough.

After composing and sending your email, simply tap “UNDO” on the bottom bar of the app. You can do this while it’s sending or shortly after it has been sent. This option is only available for a few seconds, so you need to act quickly.

If you’re successful, you’ll return to the Compose screen for the now unsent email’s draft.

Now, that can save you from plenty of embarrassing moments, for sure. App background

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