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Get ready for distance wireless charging

We are all used to plugging things in everywhere. We work hard to hide the wires that inevitably are strewn around the house, and we find ourselves spending far too much time untangling power cords for our entertainment system setups. Charging technology, however, is changing.

We have already seen some wireless charging technology in the form of a pad that we can set our phone on. That’s cool, I guess, but the charger still has to be plugged in, so it isn’t THAT convenient.

The newly FCC certified technology by Energous is actually mind-blowing.

The San Jose-based startup announced Tuesday that it had finally received the very first FCC certification for a true wireless charging technology. This device has the capability of transforming electrical signals into a radio wave and transmitting them wirelessly to a nearby receiver.

They call the device the WattUp Mid Field transmitter, and although it only has a range of 3 feet now, the idea of this technology should be extremely exciting to tech enthusiasts everywhere. The device even has the ability to charge to multiple receivers at the same time. Perhaps you will no longer have to share that same car charger with four different passengers.

Are the days of running wires coming to an end?

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The Energous wireless charging technology is in its very early stages, so you can count on using chargers for years to come. In the meantime, why not have devices that need to be charged less frequently?

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