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Get Microsoft’s new cloud-based email features before everyone else!

Email hasn’t changed much since the days of AOL’s famous “You’ve got mail” era. But with cloud-based services, Microsoft is turning the tables.

With a refreshed search interface and tons of new features, you won’t want to wait to try out the new interface. And, luckily, we know a way you can get early access before it’s released to the general public.

What’s changing?

It’s important to point out that this is the third version of since it first was introduced in 2012.

You’ll notice some subtle changes with this latest update, including an improved conversation view. You’ll also be able to read and attach files much faster.

Warning! If you’re using Microsoft Outlook, there are some serious security flaws you need to patch immediately. Click here for steps to update your software before you use any of these new features.

One thing that’s different, you’re going to have to get used to the new location of the search interface. It’s now on the top of the inbox rather than at the side. The new interface will also preview files and photos, making it easier to look for an email with attachments. You should find it easier, though, to find people in your inbox, as well, by tagging them as favorites.

Of course, beta still includes popular emojis and GIFs that you can insert into emails. You’ll notice, as well, an improved conversation view along with a faster search interface.

Actually, the new interface looks even better than the previous one on Those viewing it for the first time also think this new version matches the Mail client for Windows 10 much better.

Microsoft is also playing around with new features such as being able to tag restaurants, flight info, or even the schedules of your favorite teams.

When will these changes be available?

The software giant plans to roll out various features in stages.

One nice thing about these new features that’ll be launching over the next few months is that you’ll have the chance to get in on the action early. To do this, just pull up and sign into your account as you normally would. Once you’ve done this, look up at the address bar (where the web address is located) and edit the URL by replacing the /owa/ section with /mail/.

That’s it! You should then see the “try the beta” toggle button appear, which allows you to opt-in. The toggle also lets you go back to the existing interface in case you don’t like some features.

Tip within a tip: Did you know you can also get early access to Apple’s upcoming iOS 11? Click here and we’ll explain how to join that beta program.

Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, let Microsoft know. They’re looking for feedback. The company promises to listen to all input whether good or bad and make improvements based on what their fans are telling them. In the end, Microsoft hopes the will be the best innovation out there.

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