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Get double the deals with these discounted gadgets!

Do you hear wedding bells? June is the most popular month for tying the knot. If you know a couple that’s about to get hitched then check out this list of perfect wedding gifts.

From “buy two and save” deals to up to 72 percent off, these products will make great gifts but won’t break the bank.

Amazon Echo

First, let’s kick things off with this limited time Amazon Echo offer. The Echo is $179.99 but if you buy two and use code ECHO2PACK at checkout then you can save $80. Get two of the same color or mix and match with black and white. Hurry, I don’t think this deal will last long!

Since one Echo can control your entire smart home, you might be wondering why the newlyweds need two. Well, the second one would be for you! One of the newest features to come to Amazon devices is Alexa calling and messaging. Use your Echo to call or text their Echo for free!

Picnic Backpack

Forget fancy, expensive dinners. Nothing says romance like a picnic in the park. While other wedding guests are gifting small home appliances and monogrammed towels, your gift will stand out because it encourages them to spend time together and keep the passion alive.

The Ferlin Picnic Backpack has everything the couple needs for the perfect picnic except the food! It comes with plates, cutlery, and a big fleece blanket. The backpack itself has four cooler compartments and a detachable wine holder. The regular price is $119.99 but you can save 61 percent and buy it for $47.

Connected Earbuds

This cute gift will also inspire them to spend quality time with each other. They can cuddle up and listen to all their favorite songs or watch their favorite movies. These earbuds are perfect for the honeymoon stage when they still want to do everything together.

But once that stage passes, the OneOdio 2 Pack Lovers Earphones can work on their own. Plus, they’re noise isolating, sweatproof, and have a microphone so that they can answer calls. The regular price is $59.99 but you save 72 percent and they come in pink/black or green/gray for only $16.99.

Phone Stand

While the two sweethearts lie next to each other in bed, their smartphones can rest side by side also. This stylish wooden holder by Lumsing is made from bamboo. Inexpensive yet creative, pair this thoughtful gift with other small gifts to create an awesome wedding gift basket.

The stand has openings in the back and the bottom so that the charging cables can easily reach the outlet. Plus, there’s a place to hang your watch and a little slot on the back for credit cards and other small items. The regular price is $22.99 but you can save $13.00 and buy it for only $9.99.

Echo Show

Another buy two and save deal on another Alexa device! Amazon must be feeling generous. The Echo Show does everything that the regular Echo does but it has a touchscreen monitor and better speakers. Read this article to learn more about its features.

What makes this gift so cool is that it hasn’t even come out yet! The happy couple will be among the first people to have the Echo Show, which will be released on June 28. Preorder two today and you’ll save $100. And just like the regular Echo, save the second one for yourself and use it to video call them.

Bonus Komando Shop Item!

To celebrate two people forming one union, get them the Komando™ 2-in-1 PC Entertainment and Productivity System. It’s a laptop that you can convert into a tablet that Kim custom designed! It’s the hottest product to hit the Komando Shop since the Komando Tab2!

The Komando™ PC 2-in-1 is a portable Windows 10 PC  that you can use for business (create presentations) or pleasure (watch movies). Plus, with access to almost 200,000 apps, you will have your favorite music, games and photos at your fingertips. Preorder your Komando™ PC 2-in-1 Entertainment and Productivity System for only $299.95 TODAY! App background

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