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Flying car backed by Google’s cofounder is ready for test flights

According to “Back to the Future II,” flying cars were supposed to be commonplace by 2015. Seeing how it’s already 2018 and cars fly about as well as penguins, it’s fair to say that prediction did not come to true.

But just because cars do not fly now does not mean they never will, and you better believe people are trying to make the technology happen. One of them is Google cofounder Larry Page, whose flying-car startup “Kitty Hawk” unveiled an aerial vehicle last year.

Though it didn’t look like much of a car, it did fly and since that’s the point, could be considered a success. But that was not the end of the road for the idea that would, in theory, not need any roads.

New, improved and ready for you?

While we probably should not expect the updated version to be on (above?) the roads anytime soon, the newest version of the Flyer certainly seems like a giant step in that direction. Still helicopter-like but looking more like a car than the initial model, it is now open for test flights for prospective customers.

That’s right — if you want to give it a whirl, you can. It can only be tested above the waters at a Las Vegas facility, but it is said that with just an hour of training you will be ready to hit the skies.

Though not particularly comfortable to sit in, the lithium-polymer battery-powered car is guided by two control sticks, which are pretty easy to get the hang of.

As of now, the Flyer will only hover above water. The battery lasts for about 20 minutes, which is also a drawback. Eventually, the hope is that the Flyer will last much longer, reach speeds of over 100 mph and fly over populated areas.

Interested in flying one yourself?

Still more of a gimmick than a new mode of transportation, the Kitty Hawk Flyer is available to be tested by more than just the elite. It has already gone through about 1,500 test flights with social influencers and business people, with the hope that people will learn to accept it.

It may be difficult at first for people to truly feel safe in a flying car, but the more rides it gives without incident, the greater the chance of that happening.

And if you’re ready to buy?

You can’t get one yet, but you are able to place an order. Kitty Hawk is accepting pre-sales for the Flyer, with the form asking things like your name and address as well as your age, how you heard about the company and where you would like to use the Flyer.

A fleet of Flyers is also an option, so long as you provide information about your company as well as what kind of partnership you are looking to form with Kitty Hawk.

Once you’re in the air, record what you see

Riding in a flying car is an experience many would not believe, so naturally you would want to record what you saw. The Dash Cam Pro with Night Vision by Komando would be great for documenting flight.

It’s also a great fit for land-based cars, catching all the funny moments you see while driving or the evidence you need for an accident.

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