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Find the best gifts for her and save

Who are you celebrating this Mother’s Day? Maybe you’re thanking your mom for helping you become who you are. Maybe you’re in awe of the woman who helps you raise your children. Maybe it’s your daughter’s first Mother’s Day and she needs some encouragement.

Whoever the special woman is, she’s going to love the gift ideas on this list. All of these items from are on sale, have at least a four-star customer review, and will arrive in time for Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday, May 14.

Espresso, cappuccino and latte maker

Is coffee the key to mom’s patience and the secret to her success? If caffeine helps her conquer mornings then she’ll probably enjoy a nice cappuccino or latte to keep her going strong through the evening.

The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System brews espresso on one side and froths the milk on the other side. Espressos can be brewed in two sizes (1.2 oz or 2.8 oz.) and the milk can be frothed in three modes (cappuccino, latte and cold forth). Plus, it brews drinks in under a minute so it’s not going to slow mom down.

The manufacturer’s price is $199.99 but you can save $70 and buy it from for only $129.99.



Does your mom have a special playlist for her exercise routines? Or maybe she prefers audiobooks. If she also loves designer handbags then designer earbuds will add some style to listening habits.

These Kate Spade New York Earbuds are sophisticated yet playful. They are trimmed with gold and silver and the crystal stud adds a touch of bling. If she plugs them into her phone then she can use the mic to answer calls. The cord is tangle-free and they come with three differently sized ear cushions for comfort.

The list price is $49.99 but you can save 44 percent if you buy them from for $27.96.

Sewing machine

The curtains in the living room, your high school prom dress, a quilt for her grandchildren – some moms really have an affinity for sewing. It’s a very time-consuming activity but you know that everything is made with love.

The Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine by Brothers will make her sewing jobs a little bit easier. With the LCD touch screen, she has access to 67 different stitches, 70 different designs, and five font options. It also connects to the internet so that she can download more!

The regular price for this smart sewing machine is $491.49, but you save $191.50 and get it for her at a price of $299.99.


Tablets can be the perfect blend between business and pleasure. Mom can use them to answer emails and do research. Then after a long day, she can unwind with a movie, TV show or the latest best-selling book.

The Fire HD 8 Tablet has up to 12 hours of battery life, 16GB of storage, and 50 percent more RAM than its predecessor. The display is HD and the sound is by Dolby. It even comes with Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant.

The regular price is $89.99 but you can save $25 if you buy it from for $64.99.


Whether it’s a dance recital, a wedding, or the championship game, mom is normally the one asking to take one more photo. She’s the collector of memories and she takes pride in organizing all the pictures into scrapbooks.

If you get her the Canon All in One Mobile Ready Printer, then she can easily print photos from her phone or tablet using Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print. This Canon printer can also fax, scan and copy documents. It holds 250 sheets of paper, can print 24 black and white pages per minute, and comes with ink cartridges for 1,700 pages.

The regular price is $199.00 but you can buy it for $121.95!

Smart speaker and case

Moms do so much for everyone else. If anyone needs a digital assistant like Alexa, it’s her! Alexa can play mom’s favorite music, talk her through new recipes, remind her of appointments on her busy schedule and so much more. Click here for several articles about Alexa’s abilities and skills.

This smart speaker is available in black or white and Amazon just added calling and messaging too! The Echo’s list price is $179.99 but you can buy it for her at $149.99.

Plus, with one of these cute carrying cases by MoKo, she can customize her Echo to match her style or her home’s decor. She can attach a strap with a hook to make it portable. These cases normally cost $25.95 but the different designs are on sale from $10.99 – $12.99.

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.” Sometimes we forget that, so take this special day to show appreciation. For more ideas on what to get her, look in Amazon’s Mother’s Day Gift Shop.

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