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Facebook says it’ll keep bad sellers away – will it work?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about all the turmoil Facebook has been going through lately. From fake news to breaching millions of its users’ privacy, the social media giant has really been struggling.

In an effort to gain back users’ trust, Facebook has been running commercials on television and on its site. The ads basically promise us that it will do better in the future and get back to the company’s original intent, which is to connect people.

The company isn’t stopping there. Now, to try and help disgruntled shoppers, Facebook is implementing a new strategy that bans sellers who offer shoddy products.

Facebook ads are littered with shoddy products

Facebook is well aware that there are questionable sellers placing ads on its site. It knows this because tons of users have been complaining about having bad shopping experiences for quite some time now.

Some user complaints include ads that quote inaccurate shipping times and ads that misrepresent items for sale. Understanding that terrible shopping experiences aren’t good for anyone, Facebook just revealed a new tool that is designed to make things better.

In a blog posted this week, Facebook said, “We’re taking steps to try and identify these and other common frustrations with a new tool launching globally today. It is designed to let people review businesses that they’ve made a purchase from with the hope of connecting more people with businesses that meet their expectations.”

How to leave feedback

If you have made purchases through advertising on Facebook, you can now leave feedback about the company. Whether it’s positive or negative, sharing your experience will help other people make the right buying choices.

Here’s how to find Facebook’s feedback tool:

  • Go to your Ads Activity tab – Click here and you will be taken to it
  • There, you can look at the ads you’ve recently clicked
  • Hit the “Leave Feedback” button – This will prompt you to complete a brief questionnaire to tell Facebook about your experience

Facebook will use the tool to compile feedback from its users to help better understand potentially low quality items or services. It will then share feedback with advertisers that get a lot of negative reviews and give them an opportunity to improve before taking further action.

Businesses will be given guidance on improving customer satisfaction and how to do a better job at meeting expectations. If their feedback doesn’t improve over a period of time, Facebook will cut down on the number of ads that business can run on its site. If that doesn’t work, the business will be banned from advertising on Facebook altogether.

What do you think, will this strategy work? It would be nice to see Facebook get something right for a change, let’s hope it doesn’t mess this one up.

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