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Can AI guess your emotions? Try this online game to see

Are you a master of disguise, or do you have a solid poker face? Think that you could fool artificial intelligence with your facial movements?

A group of social scientists created a game where the AI is designed to read your emotions through facial expressions. Tap or click here for a frightening example of how thieves are using AI to create ransomware threats.

The purpose might seem absurd at first, but there’s practical science behind it. Artificial intelligence and facial recognition are advancing at a blistering pace. It will be beneficial for companies to not only recognize your face but also to read your emotions. See how you do with this fascinating experiment.

Identifying your emotions through AI

Think about online shopping. You could log in and purchase anything through facial recognition, and by showing you different products, AI can determine how you feel about it. It’s a bit like personalized results but only using your emotions as a metric.

But the technology isn’t quite there yet — and that is what these scientists are aiming to prove.

“We want to open up conversations about emotion recognition systems, from the science behind the technology to their social impacts, and everything else in between. Our aim is to promote public understanding of these technologies and citizen involvement in their development and use,” developer Dovetail explained.

Enter, and you are greeted with a bright yellow smile. Clicking on “Enter,” you have the choice of two different games: wink/blink and fake smile. On the main screen, however, is where the real fun is.

Kim gave it a try and concluded, “I’m not sure if the AI got me or the stuffed bear on my shelf. (My father gave it to me years ago and sits in my office!)”

Here’s how the AI works

You must grant the website access to your computer’s camera for the emotion recognition system to work. You’re asked to show happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust and anger. The AI then attempts to identify each one.

But you might find that the AI is way off, and that is exactly the point. Creator Alexa Hagerty explained that facial expressions don’t correlate with your emotions, which AI can’t decipher yet.

“The premise of these technologies is that our faces and inner feelings are correlated in a very predictable way. If I smile, I’m happy. If I frown, I’m angry. But the APA did this big review of the evidence in 2019, and they found that people’s emotional space cannot be readily inferred from their facial movements,” she told The verge.

We might be a few years away from perfecting the art of facial emotion reading through AI, but for now, it is just a fun game.

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