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DuckDuckGo just launched search assisted by AI – Here’s how to use it

DuckDuckGo has an all-new, AI-driven search feature. It can be used for fast results without the hassle of clicking on every page on your SERP. Get the answers you need instantly while enjoying the private service the search engine is famous for. 

Check out this fantastic new development in secure browsing below.

What does DuckDuckGo’s DuckAssist do?

Spread Privacy, the official DuckDuckGo blog, recently announced the release of DuckAssist. Its mission? To optimize your search and give you precisely what you need with a single query. 

This feature uses natural language technology to crawl a relevant Wikipedia or Britannica entry for the exact answer. Limiting the pool of referential candidates means the feature is much less likely to stray from the real answers you need.

According to DuckDuckGo, “If you enter a question that can be answered by Wikipedia into our search box, DuckAssist may appear and use AI natural language technology to anonymously generate a brief, sourced summary of what it finds in Wikipedia — right above our regular private search results.”

This development is only the beginning of a new wave of AI tools and features that’ll make every search faster and more helpful than ever before. The tech behind DuckAssist comes from OpenAI and Anthropic, so you already know it will be awesome.

Science, popular culture, history and even practical household advice are all delivered to your browser in one of the most convenient and effective packages possible.

The best part? The brand promises that all queries answered by DuckAssist won’t be logged or tracked. Enjoy the high-standard DuckDuckGo sets for all private search engines without wasting time scouring the internet for what you need.

DuckAssist pro tips

If you want to give DuckAssist a try, here are things to keep in mind:

  • Phrasing your search query as a question makes DuckAssist more likely to appear in search results.
  • If you’re confident that Wikipedia has the answer to your question, adding the word “wiki” to your search also makes DuckAssist more likely to appear in the results.
  • DuckAssist beta is only available in English in browsing apps (iOSAndroid, and Mac) and browser extensions (FirefoxChrome, and Safari). If the trial goes well, it will roll out to all DuckDuckGo users soon.
  • If you don’t want DuckAssist to appear in search results, you can disable “Instant Answers” in search settings. (Note: this will disable all Instant Answers, not just DuckAssist.)
  • If DuckAssist has generated an answer for a given topic before, the answer will appear automatically. Otherwise, you can click the ‘Ask’ button to have an answer rendered in real time.

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