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Don’t show your kids this new font or check if they already know about it

Would you consider yourself a bookworm? Did you love your days of going to school?

If not, you probably dreaded homework assignments in high school. Things got even worse in college when we were expected to write monstrous term papers. The thought of coming up with a dozen pages on why sleep is necessary can be quite daunting.

That’s why students have always tried to find ways to cut back on the amount of homework they need to do. You won’t believe how technology has stepped in to give them a sly advantage over teachers.

Students are outsmarting teachers with this sneaky trick

Writing a ten page research paper can be hard. Some students might think they can get their point across in say eight pages, but the teacher is requiring at least ten.

Well, there’s a devious new technique that students are using to cut back on homework. It’s all in the typeface.

For decades, students have been writing papers with the Times New Roman font. But now there’s a new version called Times Newer Roman, and the font sneakily reduces the amount of words needed to fill up a page.

Fun fact: Times New Roman gets its name from the British newspaper, “Times of London” and was created in 1929.

That’s because the font looks exactly like the old style, but is actually five to ten percent wider. Which means kids could reduce the required word count by as much as 13 percent.

According to the group that designed the new font, a 15 page document in 12 point type would only require just over 5,800 words. The old way would take an additional 850 words to fill the same amount of space. Talk about sly!

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