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Disney vs Apple TV: Streaming service comparison

Apple TV+ is one of several new streaming services that are launching soon. The cost for Apple TV+ was announced this week at Apple’s unpacking event. 

Obviously, the more streaming services there are, the more selective you’re going to have to become. Not everyone can afford or even wants every streaming service.

The Apple TV+ launch date on Nov. 1 is particularly audacious in that the highly anticipated Disney+ launches just 11 days later. So which to choose? We’re ready to lay out the facts and give you our opinion.

How much does each service cost?

If you met Disney’s Sept. 2 deadline, you locked in three years of Disney+ for about $3 a month. If you missed the deal, you’ll be paying $7 a month.

The Apple TV+ family plan costs about $5 a month. In addition, if you buy a new Apple device, you get Apple TV+ free for one year.

What programming does each service have?

Apple TV+

Yes, Apple TV+ is less expensive than Disney+. But, so far, the cupboard seems pretty bare at Apple TV+ even though it is pouring billions into the effort.

Apple TV+ has about 40 original series and programs ready to debut or in development. The shows range from drama, horror, comedy, book adaptations and kids’ programs.

So far, the buzz has been around two series, “The Morning Show” starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carrell, and “Defending Jacob” starring former Captain America Chris Evans.

Other shows will feature familiar faces such as Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon, Octavia Spencer and Brie Larson. Other stars Apple TV+ has roped in are Jason Mamoa, Alfre Woodard and Oprah Winfrey.

Apple says new shows will be added each month. However, only a handful of series are ready to debut this year.


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Disney+, on the other hand, suffers from an embarrassment of riches. Right out of the chute, it will offer Disney animated and live-action films, all the movies from the Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) franchises, and all Pixar films.

Disney+ already has several original series in the hopper. A number of MCU characters will be starring in their own limited series and Disney is planning more kid-friendly shows.

Meanwhile, the Star Wars universe is offering the series “Mandalorian,” which has been described as a space Western. Expect to see some more animated shows based on the Star Wars franchise, such as “Clone Wars.”


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Disney also owns ABC and 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets. The latter acquisition means Disney+ is now the exclusive home of “The Simpsons.”

Disney+ is a huge blow to Netflix, which had exclusive rights to Disney, Star Wars, MCU and Pixar films and shows. By the way, did we mention that Disney+ also will be offering National Geographic programming?

The streaming service choice

Again, Apple TV+ is about $5 a month compared to Disney+ at $7 a month. But from where we stand, Disney+ gives you a lot more bang for those extra two bucks.

Disney+ is coming in with a full slate of programs and movies, with even more in development. This is the one to choose — for now.

Wait to see how Apple TV+ shakes out before you drop some money on it. If you plan on buying the new iPhone, you’ll get it free for a year.

On second thought, get them both. After all, Disney+ and Apple TV+ combined are still less expensive than Netflix. That choice is becoming clearer.

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