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You might see a confusing new name, but that streaming service is still DirecTV Now

Updated August 16, 2019

AT&T has started rolling out the new name and for its streaming service. Formerly called DirecTV Now, the name has been changed to AT&T TV Now.

While the name change is official, AT&T has yet to release a new logo for the product on its website or app. The company announced last month that it was renaming DirecTV Now so it would be on-brand with other AT&T products.

Ok, so who’s on first again? AT&T announced that it is changing the name of some of its cable and streaming services, keeping the names of others and generally sowing confusion among consumers. Classic AT&T.

Here’s just one example of the confusion: AT&T’s internet-based TV service DirecTV Now will become AT&T TV Now. But, the DirecTV satellite service will still be called DirecTV. Got that?

But that’s just one head on this hydra. Follow us as we take you through the maze that is AT&T’s streaming services.

All your AT&T streaming channels

You know DirecTV Now will soon be called AT&T TV Now. The service will remain the same, but it’s being branded as an AT&T product in hopes of bringing back subscribers after raising prices. Now we move closer to the rabbit hole because along with AT&T TV Now, the company is also launching AT&T TV, both of which will be operated through an app.

So what’s the difference between AT&T TV Now and AT&T TV?

You will need what they call their “next-gen device” to access AT&T TV and store 500 hours of cloud DVR recording on your TV. It’s also likely that AT&T TV will have some different programming options and different price points than AT&T TV Now. The service that will soon bear the name of AT&T TV Now only offers 20 hours of cloud DVR recording and limited channel options.

Then there’s AT&T Watch TV, which is a streaming service with 35 channels. Oh, and let’s not forget AT&T U-verse, which is the company’s fiber-optic streaming service. If only it ended there.


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Enter Time Warner and HBO

Last year, AT&T acquired Time Warner and now owns HBO, Turner Broadcasting Systems, CNN and Warner Brothers Studio. HBO operates HBO Go and HBO Now (don’t forget AT&T TV Now).

HBO Go is an online service for consumers who have HBO through their cable or satellite provider while HBO Now is available to people who buy the service directly from HBO. By the way, the two services are run from two separate apps.

If you recall, in May WarnerMedia announced it was launching another streaming service called HBO Max which will combine a slate of original shows and more programming from Warner Bros., New Line, DC Entertainment and content from the “HBO Library.”

What we do know for sure is that HBO Max will be able to use any TV shows produced by Warner.

The big get is “Friends.” Last year, Netflix paid an astounding $100 million to stream the still-popular show through 2019, but that will come to an end in 2020 when all 236 episodes migrate to HBO Max.

Maybe next year AT&T will announce AT&T TV Now Friends that of course, will be separate from everything else.

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