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Dash cam catches insurance fraudsters in the act

Does your car have a dash cam? If not, this video will make you want to get one. It was taken in the UK in early July and it shows just how important it is to have a record of what actually happened during an accident.

A scammer on a moped and his accomplice tried to pull a fast one over on this unsuspecting driver. Luckily, her dash cam caught the whole thing on tape.

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Without the dash cam, it would have been her word against theirs. And since they outnumbered her, pleading her case would have been that much harder.

In a situation like this, it’s probably better to not tell the scammers about the camera. Instead of running away, they might have tried to hurt her or steal the camera.

She could have let the police make a report so that their names were on file or even let the case go to court so that the scammers would perjure themselves. It’s possible that they’ve pulled this scam several times before without ever being caught.

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