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Dark mode comes to Google – How to enable it

Both iOS and Android devices have had dark mode options for some time. This setting not only eases the strain on your eyes but also helps conserve battery life on your devices. And hey, it looks cool.

Dark mode is one of many YouTube settings that may not be abundantly clear. It sits among other features like incognito mode and a video creator tool called Shorts. Tap or click here to get the most out of your YouTube account.

The world’s most popular search engine has had its share of redesigns. And it’s always fun to check out the latest Google Doodles. Now Google Search has finally added dark mode as an option for desktop users. We’ll show you how to enable it and enjoy some dark and mysterious browsing.

Google Search goes dark for desktop

Google’s mobile apps already have dark mode available as an option. Now you can set dark mode on the big screen. Google is rolling out its Dark theme option for desktop users over the next few weeks, so it may not be available for you just yet. But it will be.

Dark mode works for certain Google Search pages, including homepage, search results, search settings and more. Here’s how to enable it:

  • At the top right, click Settings (the gear icon) > Search settings.
  • On the left, click Appearance.
  • Choose Device default, Dark, or Light
    • Device default: Automatically match the color scheme of your current device
    • Dark: Light text on a dark background
    • Light: Dark text on a light background
  • At the bottom, click Save.

Mobile refresher

Depending on your iOS or Android version, Google apps will follow your system-wide settings. So if you set your phone to dark mode, Google will follow. On older devices, you can change an app’s settings on an individual basis. Let’s take a look at Google Maps as an example.

Dark mode for Google Maps on iOS:

  • Open Google Maps and tap on your profile.
  • Go to Settings > Dark Mode.
  • Choose between On, Off or Same as device settings.

Dark mode for Google Maps on Android:

  • Open Google Maps and tap your profile.
  • Go to Settings > Theme.
  • Select between Always in light theme, Always in dark theme or Same as device theme.

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