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Court rules cellphone caused brain tumor

It’s been debated for years: Does holding a cellphone next to your head cause medical issues, namely brain tumors? Some studies demonstrate a direct correlation, but others point to inconclusive evidence.

I have erred on the side of caution and advised my family, friends, and listeners and readers to do the same. When I look back in history, I see cases where it took time for medical research to keep up with relatively new popular activities. Consider smoking.

I have a poster from the 1940s in my game room of a woman smoking a cigarette. The slogan on the top says, “Smoking coats your throat and prevents colds.” How sad that people actually thought this for many years before we learned the full effects of smoking cigarettes.

Roberto Romero is a 57-year-old man who used a cellphone for three to four hours a day for his job. He did this for 15 years. Roberto developed a brain tumor and was convinced the phone caused it.

His tumor was diagnosed in 2010. He went to the doctor complaining his right ear was feeling blocked all the time.

Thankfully, the tumor was benign. Removing it, however, made him deaf in his right ear.

The reason why this is a huge deal is that Romero’s case is the first in the world in which courts have acknowledged a direct link between cellphone use and brain tumors. Although this happened in Italy, it will have far-reaching effects.

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