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Consumer Reports finally signs off on the new MacBook Pro

After initially failing to recommend new MacBook Pros in December due to inconsistent battery life results, Consumer Reports has revised and upgraded its rating for the laptops to “recommended.” The new rating was announced after Consumer Reports retested the computers with a new software update that Apple released on January 9.

According to the new tests, all the new MacBook Pro models performed well and none of them fell below 15.75 hours on a single charge. The 13-inch with the Touch Bar model consistently averaged 15.75 hours, the 13-inch without the Touch Bar, 18.75 hours and the 15-inch with the Touch Bar, 17.25 hours.

In the earlier Consumer Reports tests, all three MacBook Pro models’ battery life varied wildly from 3.75 hours to 19.5 hours.

Each model was tested multiple times with the standard protocol Consumer Reports uses for all the laptops it evaluates. The battery tests are performed in a highly controlled environment with an exhaustive range of tasks including sequential web browsing with the laptop screen’s brightness turned up to 100 nits.

After the initial tests, Consumer Reports said that they followed “the same process we follow with any manufacturer when we discover a significant problem” and shared their diagnostic test results with Apple to help diagnose and fix any issue.

According to Apple, the new MacOS software update fixes a bug in Safari that caused the fluctuating battery life in Consumer Reports’ MacBook Pro tests.

This updated MacBook software with the battery bug fix is now available through Apple’s Beta Software Program and is expected to roll out to the general public in the next few weeks.

What do you think? Does this new Consumer Rating rating help the new MacBook Pros? Drop us a comment below!

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