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Google Chrome users: New update could wipe your data

When it comes to web browsers, nobody comes close to the market share that Google Chrome occupies. It’s the most popular web browser by a significant margin, and folks love its flexibility — whether they’re using the mobile or desktop version.

But Chrome hasn’t had the easiest time recently. A number of setbacks like bad updates and security vulnerabilities have made users hesitant to keep their systems up to date. Tap or click to learn more about how Google patched a major security vulnerability in chrome.

These issues have mostly been relegated to Chrome’s desktop version, but a new flaw has been discovered in the latest Chrome update for mobile. Thanks to a glitch in the software, this update prevents the internet from loading in other apps. Here’s what Google is doing about it, and what you can do if you downloaded it.

Google halts Chrome update due to app-breaking glitch

Google has reportedly halted the distribution of its latest update for Chrome for Android, version 79. According to reports from Android Police, the update was paused thanks to a glitch found in WebView, an internet-rendering feature that integrates deeply with other applications.

With the update installed, users claimed to have lost internet and data access in apps that do not posses built-in web browsers of their own.

Most apps on Android rely on Google Chrome to access and visualize the web. Clicking a link in the Twitter app causes a pseudo-browser window to open, so you can explore the page without needing to open Chrome, but the glitch won’t allow some apps to open it at all.

The glitch also caused web-dependent data in some apps to be auto-deleted, which is terrible for users depending on the internet. One example would be users who rely on the internet to track their fitness levels. Tap or click here to see fitness tech gadgets that really work.

This pull comes a bit too late in the game for Google, as the Chrome 79 update has already been installed to 50% of active Android devices.

Google is considering a fix to help those who are already affected. We will be updating this story once we know more information.

Am I affected by this glitch? What can I do about it if my browser already updated?

This glitch is exclusive to Android users, so if you’re on an iPhone, you’re in the clear. Tap or click to see why Google’s app store is risky for Android users.

Since the update was paused, half of the global Android user base won’t even experience the glitch at all. An easy way to test if you were affected is to open a social media app like Twitter or Facebook and tap on a link.

If it opens and displays without issue, you’re safe. If not, your browser already updated itself and there’s no going back.

Fortunately, Google should be releasing a fix soon. Considering how serious and widespread the issue is, it’s in the company’s best interest to hurry up and get users back online.

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