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Christmas gifts that can put your kids at risk for cancer

You might not know, but toys that are meant for children aged 12 or younger are federally regulated. They must be tested and certified to a certain standard.

They look at lead contents, phthalates, small parts, and labels to track specific products. These rules are meant to keep our kids safe and give us a way to identify them if a recall is needed.

But there is one other thing you need to think about, radiation.

Radiation links to cancer

A study from the National Institutes for Health has linked phone radiation to cancer. There are statistical relationships between male infertility and phones stored in front pockets.

As connected devices try to connect to networks, they emit low frequency energy. California recently warned residents to keep cellphones several feet away from your body to limit the radiation.

In California’s stark warning, they said children’s developing brains are especially susceptible. The radio waves can travel deeper into their brains than adults.

Hottest gadgets to be concerned about

The most obvious connected gadget is a phone. It’s high on many teens’ lists, but think about how you hold a cellphone. Yep, right up to your head.

The same goes for virtual reality headsets, many use a smartphone as the screen. So they hold the phone right in front of their forehead.

Drones that use a connected device as the controller or as a screen to see the on-board camera also pose a threat. The connected phone is held right in front of the chest, below the chin.

Others that pose a threat are smartwatches, tablets, and wireless game console devices. These are all connected to networks and emit radio waves. The gaming devices and tablets are often held right in one’s lap. Smartwatches send radio waves to a phone nearby and are often on a wrist at one’s side.

Other connected toys not to overlook are robots, stuffed animals and dolls. They have the same issues with emitting radio waves to make a connection to the internet. We have also talked about security risks some of these toys have as well.

When are you most at risk?

It is recommended that you limit your cellphone use when reception is weak. Your phone’s RF energy is stronger when your cellphone only shows one or two bars. If this is the case, try increasing the distance between you and the phone by using the speaker or a headset.

Here are situations when a cellphone’s RF signal is the strongest:

  • At the start of a call, when the phone is trying to connect to a cell tower
  • As mentioned, when a cellphone only has one or two bars
  • When in a moving car, bus or train (as the phone switches from one tower to another)
  • When you are streaming music or movies or downloading or sending large files

Furthermore, the paper recommends keeping cellphone calls short (use the speakerphone for longer conversations) and to not rely on gadgets that claim to shield or neutralize cellphone radio waves.

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