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Children’s hospital to make use of Microsoft’s HoloLens technology

Technology can really be an amazing thing. From gadgets that help make our lives easier and the world more connected to simple improvements over what we already have, it’s fun to anticipate what might come next.

Another area where there have been plenty of technological breakthroughs is in the medical field, where hospitals and doctors always seem to be on the cutting edge. A hospital across the pond in the United Kingdom certainly is, as they plan on using a new — and very impressive — gadget.

Anything that can make performing surgery safer and more successful is a welcome invention, of course, and with help from Microsoft it is a children’s hospital that is taking the giant step forward.

Looks like this will be very helpful

Well not holograms per say, but actually Microsoft’s HoloLens. Paired with a Surface Hub, the idea is that personnel at Alder Hey hospital will be able to collaborate and share images, with the HoloLens being used directly when operating.

The idea is that being able to image something like a patient’s heart from the inside as well as the outside will make things smoother and more effective. With the technology, a surgeon will be able to view the patient’s scans directly in front of them while performing the operation.

The hospital is confident the Surface Hub 2, with its 50.5-inch screen with a webcam and 4K touch display will act like a “huddle board,” which will allow better collaboration in-person as well as remotely. Hospital personnel will be able to quickly review things like CT scans, ultrasounds, tests and other patient information.

With it, people will be able to write Surface Hub notes, all of which can be time-stamped with the name of who wrote it. All this information could then be presented to the operating surgeon who will be wearing the HoloLens, giving them access to all the data they could need at the very moment they need it.

In this case, the better, newer technology could ultimately save lives.

HoloLens sounds cool, but what is it?

The reason you probably haven’t heard much about the HoloLens is because it is not a consumer product due to a very high price tag. The developmental edition of the set, which Microsoft says is “a good choice for individual developers who are ready to get started,” the cost is a cool $3,000.

For the commercial suite, of which Microsoft says is ideal for organizations, you will be set back $5,000.

So yeah, it’s understandable why it hasn’t become particularly popular just yet. Of course you can also rent a HoloLens at a rate of $500 per month.

Regardless of the cost, successful integration of the new tech, which also displays multiple apps, could ultimately transform many industries. It is easy to see why it would benefit hospitals and surgeons, but no doubt there are other areas where the ability to have information displayed right in front of your eyes would come in handy.

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