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Chevy owners no longer have to get out of their car to pay for gas

As busy as our lives are, any way to save time while accomplishing mundane tasks is welcome. Wouldn’t you like to trim the number of minutes (or hours) you spend doing laundry? How about getting your oil changed or swinging by the store for groceries?

Again, these are things that you have to get done, eventually, even if they’re not particularly exciting. Often times they get pushed back until the last possible moment because we really don’t want to do them at all.

Another thing that can fit into this category is filling up the car with gas. Talk about a process!

First, you have to find a station with an open spot. Then you have to pull into it, get out and either go inside to pay the cashier ahead of time or commence the process of swiping your card. That seems to take forever, with step after step, question after question, before finally getting to the point where it asks you to choose which kind of gas you want.

Then, and only then, are you able to actually fill it up.

What if you didn’t need to do all that?

If you own a newer Chevrolet, one that has access to GM’s onboard marketplace, you may be able to trim off quite a few steps. The American automaker has partnered with Shell to create what they say is the first in-dash fuel payment in the United States.

Here’s how it works: First you have to have a 2017 or newer Chevy, one with the marketplace, then you just find a Shell station, tap on the icon and choose which station you are at. The app will then create a code that will activate your pump.

Pretty cool, huh?

The feature is only in a handful of select markets right now, though the plan is for it to roll out across the country in the coming months.

It’s another step for Chevy’s in-dash payment system

Chevrolet maker, General Motors, debuted the in-dash marketplace last year. At that time people had the chance to buy things like coffee and make restaurant and hotel reservations through their car’s dashboard. Nearly 2 million cars had access to it immediately, and the plan is for it to reach even more cars across multiple GM brands over the next year.

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