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Check your home! This iPod is worth $20,000

Now this is worth turning your house inside-out for. Someone is auctioning off a never used, first-generation iPod Classic for almost $20,000 on eBay.

Is the nostalgia factor high enough to warrant spending $20,000 for an iPod Classic? Perhaps not for us mere mortals. But we’re sure someone with the money and looking for bragging rights might just snap this Apple relic of the aughts.

It’s hard to believe it has only been 18 years since Apple unveiled its first-generation iPod Classic. And how things have changed in less than two decades.

Remembering the first iPod

The eBay seller, bestgadget, describes his auction item in almost affectionate tones:

“Once the Apple iPod Classic 1st Generation was introduced, music storage and portability were changed forever. This classic device can store up to 5GB worth of MP3 files, meaning it has a maximum storage capacity of about 1,000 songs. The 2-inch monochrome LCD display screen is easy to read and shows both the song title and artist of the song currently playing.

‘Users are able to quickly and easily navigate through their playlists, songs, and artists using the iPod’s scroll wheel, center button, and auxiliary button. Add in an impressive 10-hour battery life and iTunes compatibility, and it is no wonder why iPod is the most popular music player on the market.”

Once upon a time, 5GB and 1,000 songs were pretty cutting edge. All that for $399. It may seem funny now, but that little iPod became one of the building blocks of the Apple we know today.

Compare the original iPod’s specs to those of its 2019 “successor.” Not an iPod at all, AirPods are wireless earbuds that let you connect with all of your Apple devices. Not only can you listen to music, you can make and take calls, and you can connect to Siri.

With that connection to Siri, through your AirPods you can tell the virtual assistant to call a friend, pick a playlist, turn down the volume, take a call, and more. AirPods with a wireless charging case retail for $199.

No bidders yet

As for the never used first-generation iPod Classic on eBay, there are no bidders yet, but about 600 people are watching the listing. Before you get too impressed with the $20,000 price, Mashable reports that one special edition, never used fourth-generation iPod Classic sold for a stunning $90,000.

What made that iPod Classic so special? Well, it was a factory-sealed U.K. 2004 model of the special edition U2 iPod. The engraved autographs of U2’s four members are on the iPod’s back side.

Chances are most of us didn’t rush out to buy the original iPod Classic just to let it sit in an unopened box for almost 20 years. But, if you do find one among your possessions that’s in good shape and you still have the original packaging, you might make some nice pocket money.

A fifth-generation iPod Classic is going for about $110 on eBay. Even a refurbished iPod Classic is going for $85 on the site.

Wondering how much you can get for a Microsoft Zune on eBay? About $40.

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