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chatgpt-powered chatbots
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Check out these ChatGPT-powered chatbots

One of ChatGPT’s most enticing features is that it’s completely free to use. But you know what we always say when it comes to tech, you’re offering something in exchange for free stuff, whether you realize it or not. Here’s what you’re giving up to OpenAI’s world-famous chatbot.

When it comes to AI-powered chatbots, it’s no contest. ChatGPT is so good that other companies harnessed its powers for their chatty software.

While ChatGPT can do anything from spitting out a blueberry muffin recipe to job interview tips, these specialized chatbots have a more specific purpose based on their parent companies. Let’s take a look at some new options.

Learn the local lingo

The language learning tool Duolingo now boasts Duolingo Max to better help you aprender español

When you can’t get the answer right and are ready to give up, just hit Explain My Answer. Duo will explain why your response was right or wrong and can further elaborate if needed.

Roleplay is an excellent feature that lets you converse with virtual characters with names and personalities. It feels like you’re practicing language skills with a native speaker. No two conversations are the same.

I hope this email finds you well …

AI is nothing new to the cloud-based writing assistant, but now it can do your work for you. GrammarlyGo composes blog posts, email messages, proposals and social media posts (complete with hashtags). 

It considers your written voice, so the words sound like they came from you. It works with Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn and more. You know those awkward company-wide emails that everyone is expected to respond to? GrammarlyGo could help you with that. 

Travel buddy

It’s heating up out there, and you’re probably itching to expand your horizons. Ask Expedia’s AI chatbot to help you book a trip anywhere and it’ll recommend local sites, cuisine and other things to do. It’ll even help you find flights and car rentals.

Expedia partnered with ChatGPT to add an Expedia plugin to the chatbot giant. You can also start a travel conversation with the ChatGPT site and when you’re ready to book, select the plugin to get the ball rolling. 

Snap up a new friend

My AI is a chatbot that lets Snapchatters customize and name a Bitmoji avatar to answer trivia questions, offer gift advice, help plan a trip or suggest a recipe for date night. 

Not everyone is happy with the chatbot, which is pinned to the top of your Snapchat screen and can only be removed if you upgrade to Snapchat+. That’s a pretty shady move.

Brave new virtual world

Have fun experimenting with ChatGPT and its specialized offshoots, but don’t go overboard. Follow my tips to stay safe:

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