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chatgpt advancements
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The latest ChatGPT advances are getting crazy

ChatGPT development is continuing at breakneck speed and has led to the release of some truly incredible tools. From AI that can emulate an ex-partner to automated tools for trolling scam emailers. From voice integration for those with sight impairments to a tool to hide the telltale signs of ChatGPT. You wouldn’t even know it was there…

Here are some of the craziest recent ChatGPT developments.

Would you date a chatbot… based on your ex?

There have been stories for years of people finding affection for AI characters in games, and even earlier chatbot designs, like Replika. But one woman has trained a version of ChatGPT on conversations with her ex and now claims to be “dating” this ex-bot.

This sad story does highlight the potential for ChatGPT and similar chatbots to provide companionship to the lonely. But it’s never going to take the place of an actual therapist, family member, or friend. With already isolated communities of web-savvy individuals worldwide, the potential for greater isolation through chatbot relationships seems very real.

Sight impairments are not impairments for chatbots

The standard ChatGPT model can currently only receive and respond to text inputs. To help her sight-impaired father join in on the chatbot fun, one developer has created a Chrome extension that lets you use your voice with ChatGPT instead. It can respond in kind, too, and in various languages. That could make it handy for learning a new language or practicing conversational skills.

Here’s the link if you want to try it.

Wasting spammers’ time

Dealing with spammers can take up too much of our time, so why not waste theirs? A new email extension from the minds behind the DoNotPay legal chatbot can send spammers down a rabbit hole of endless AI conversations. All you have to do is make an account and forward any spam emails their way, and ChatGPT will do the rest.

Chatbot? What chatbot?

With the popularization of ChatGPT came its inevitable use to produce academic papers, homework, and essays. A new arms race has begun. ChatGPT detection tools soon sprang up, and now we’re seeing the response. HideGPT is a tool that can allegedly strip the fingerprints of ChatGPT’s writing style from any piece of text, helping anyone hide its use.

How will detection tools respond? Only time will tell.

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