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CES 2020: The good, the bad and the weirdest tech revealed this year

With CES 2020 now in the rearview mirror, people across the web are already debating which gadgets were the best in show. But a good deal of discussion is underway about the most pointless and unusual devices on display.

There’s reason for all the debate. No two pieces of tech are alike, and sometimes true innovation can emerge in the most unlikely places imaginable. Tap or click to learn how Apple’s wearable fashion accessory helped save a man’s life.

And now, as a retrospective of this year’s killer conference, we’re showing off our picks of the best, worst and weirdest gadgets you could see at CES 2020. Get ready, because the future is coming — and it’s full of weird robots, fake pork and two-wheeled chairs.

The Best: Our favorite reveals from CES 2020

Although CES 2020 featured a plethora of amazing gadgets from all over the world, these particular entries are the ones that won us over. Although they’re likely to inspire many imitators, tech historians will remember these entries as gadgets that broke the mold.

1. Samsung’s The Wall TV is unlike any screen you’ve ever seen

Samsung Newsroom |

Samsung’s legendary TV sets always make a splash at CES, and this year is no exception. Samsung fans and tech lovers all over the web are losing their minds over the brilliant-looking The Wall TV, which features a gorgeous end-to-end display with no bezel. The picture just ends where the screen does!

There’s never been a TV this immersive before. Well, unless you count the ill-fated 3D TVs of the early 2010s. All you could really do with those was watch James Cameron’s “Avatar” on repeat. Tap or click here to see a car inspired by “Avatar” on display at CES 2020.

2. Sony’s Vision-S is a tech-lover’s dream come true

Sony stole the show this year with a surprise announcement of the Vision-S concept car. This futuristic sedan looks pretty similar to a Tesla, but unlike Elon Musk’s famous rides, this one features an array of specialty sensors that apparently make it one of the safest cars you can drive.

Plus, it syncs up with all of your Sony gadgets. We aren’t sure why you’d want a Bravia TV to synchronize with a car, but we’re sure Sony has its reasons for doing things.

3. ClearUP kills allergies and headache pressure, wins Best In Show

Headaches and allergies have plagued mankind since day one, so it’s about time someone came up with an invention that helps solve both.

The ClearUP device from Tivic Health uses painless electrical impulses to affect the nerves surrounding the sinus cavities in your face. This can reduce pain and inflammation symptoms, and studies have shown 74% of users experience relief after a single treatment!

Each year, CES attendees have the chance to vote and participate in a contest called “The Last Gadget Standing,” which ranks the best gadget on display at the show. Despite fierce competition, the ClearUP claimed its prize handily. We’re excited to try it out.

The Worst: The CES 2020 reveals that made us cringe

Not everything at CES 2020 was a winner this year. Some of the exhibits were dysfunctional, outlandish and downright pointless. These are just a few highlights — or shall we say “lowlights” — from the show.

1. The scooter-chair thing nobody asked for

Segway Ninebot |

Segway just won’t stay down (get it?) Despite years of setbacks with its mobility products, the latest entry from the scooter extraordinaire is an unusual, egg-shaped chair that rolls on its own power.

The Segway S-Pod looks a bit like the hover chairs from “WALL-E,” and feature similarly futuristic technology to keep it upright. Unfortunately, we don’t see any practical applications for this overpriced scooter.

2. A cute robot designed to take jobs away from people

Scientists, futurists and politicians are already yelling from the rooftops about how robots will take our jobs in the near future. While the problem of automation is something serious to consider, the designers of Bellabot seem to be ahead of the curve.

This cute, cat-like robot is meant to replace servers and waiters at restaurants — but will anyone really feel comfortable placing orders and receiving food from a robot? At least you won’t have to tip.

3. Charmin is on a roll at CES

When nature calls, you answer — but nothing about this is natural at all!

Charmin, bear enthusiasts and toilet paper extraordinaire, has developed The Rollbot, which is designed to bring you a fresh roll when you happen to run out. Charmin may make some of the softest TP around, but these bear-like robots don’t seem quite as gentle as the company would like them to be.

The weird: The oddballs of CES 2020

Good and bad are subjective terms, but nearly everyone can agree when something is just a little bit “off.” These innovations all have their upsides, but their very existence has us scratching our heads.

1. MarsCat: Beyond the litterbox

MarsCat boasts some impressive technology inside its lithe, feline frame. Much like Sony’s loveable AIBO robot, MarsCat is designed to be an intelligent artificial pet for those eager to start living with robots.

Now, we understand why someone might gravitate towards a robot dog. Puppies can be tricky to raise and train, after all. But cats are easy! Maybe this is designed for cat people with allergies. Isn’t Claritin cheaper?

2. Alexa sings in the shower, too!

At first glance, it does seem pretty cool to be able to request tunes directly in the shower when you freshen up for the day. But upon closer inspection, one might ask “why in the shower head?” Well, the Kohler Moxie thinks it’s a good idea, that’s why!

Wouldn’t it just be easier to put an Echo dot in the bathroom? No doubt the Echo will sound better than the one being muffled by running water. Plus, who would even bother changing the temperature by voice? There is such a thing as a temperature knob, you know.

3. Artificial pork: The other other white meat.

© Horti Peter |

Impossible Meats has already made a significant impact thanks to its partnership with Burger King. Now, it’s easy to try out artificial meat no matter where you’re located. Tap or click to see if you’d be brave enough to eat an Impossible Burger.

And now, it’s bringing its latest innovation to CES: Impossible Pork. This is a significant development due to pork’s status as one of the most highly consumed meats on the planet. The only issue: This is CES, which stands for “Consumer Electronics Show.” Unless this pork is hardwired, I’m not sure it counts.

Thanks for joining us at for our exclusive CES 2020 coverage. Be sure to tune in next year when we venture back to Las Vegas for another round of fun, sun and gadgets.

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