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LG’s new 4K TVs are so thin they can mount to the wall with magnets

We officially are infected with CES fever! This year’s annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas is in full gear and judging by the TV maker one-upmanship we’ve seen, this round looks to be another humdinger.

Yesterday, Samsung announced their new premium line of flagship 4K televisions. Boasting a new and improved iteration of its Quantum Dot screen technology dubbed QLED, we were mightily impressed.

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Later, it was LG’s turn for its product unveilings and boy oh boy, we can say this new premium OLED TV it unveiled is jaw-dropping as well.

Meet the LG Signature 4K OLED W

LG’s new flagship OLED TV is 2.57-millimeters thin. Let me repeat that – 2.57-millimeters thin.

That’s about as thick as a credit card, or two stacked dimes… or a good-sized flea. It’s significantly thinner than an iPhone 7 (7.1 mm). It’s so thin that LG decided to tag it with the letter “W,” which stands for wallpaper, I suppose. (Its official name is the LG Signature OLED TV W 4K HDR Smart TV – try cramming all that text on 2.57-millimeters.)

LG OLed 1

The W-series TVs are also relatively ultra lightweight. The 77-inch version is a mere 27 pounds and the 65-incher is featherweight at 17 pounds (that’s about the weight of a 19-inch LCD flatscreen).

LG calls this radical new design the “Picture-on-Wall aesthetic.”  With a TV this thin and light, it attaches almost seamlessly to the wall, creating a window-like experience like no other TV can achieve as of yet.

Due to the extreme dimensions, these TVs are meant to be hung on a wall like the magnificent works of art they are. They attach to the wall via mountable locks at the top and, get this, magnets at the bottom to secure them in place. At 17 pounds, I suppose it doesn’t take too much to stick it anywhere you may well please.

Multi-purpose Soundbar

With a TV this thin, you’re probably wondering “How about the speakers?” or “Where do I plug my HDMI gadgets in?”

Well, LG solved this by moving its speaker system, processing components and connector ports like HDMI and USB to an external all-in-one soundbar that discretely connects via a thin ribbon-like cable. Obviously, since the internals are within the soundbar, the TV requires that it is always attached to it.


High-end picture, High-end sound

As for the picture quality, LG says they are improved versions of its already excellent OLED screens of last year. They have a higher peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits (one nit is equal to the light of one candle) and better color accuracy (covering 99 percent of the DCI color gamut).

It is also prepped for the future of HDR with advanced modes like “Active HDR” (real-time analysis and optimization of HDR10 content), Dolby Vision and support for upcoming HDR modes HLG and Technicolor.

On the sound quality side, the W-Series TVs will support the new Dolby Atmos format and with fancy motorized speakers on the soundbar, will try and mimic the Atmos theater experience by bouncing the sound off the ceilings and walls. It also offers sound output passthrough for home theater surround sound system compatibility.

Pricing and Availability

LG has not disclosed the pricing yet but it said the W-Series will start shipping by the end of March of this year.

Since their flagship line is packed with tech breakthroughs, expect to pay a pretty penny to get this TV before anyone else.

Which TV maker impressed you more in this year’s CES – LG or Samsung? Drop us a comment below!

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