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CES 2017 debuts Samsung’s next premium TV

We talked a lot about Samsung in 2016 and unfortunately it was mostly negative. It seemed like every other week Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7  phone was exploding. That caused stocks to plummet, bans from airplanes, and eventually, the company turned them into paper weights.

They really could use a comeback. Maybe their new TV screen technology will successfully shift our focus in 2017.

Today, Samsung announced their new premium line of flagship 4K televisions at an unveiling event for the Consumer Electronics Show 2017.

Boasting a new and improved iteration of its Quantum Dot screen technology dubbed QLED, Samsung’s new high-end sets are set to stun.

Introducing QLED Technology

Samsung’s QLED TVs, appropriately labeled Q7, Q8 and  Q9, are a marked improvement over its former premium line – 2016’s Quantum Dot models, by way of a higher brightness while taking their screen black levels deeper than ever, essential for a superb HDR (High Dynamic Range) experience.

Hyun Suk Kim, Samsung’s president of Visual Display Business, said the technology will “redefine the television category and usher in a new era of TV.”

Samsung QLED TV – Studio Stand

Peak brightness and Real Black

The company claims that the QLED sets can deliver a peak luminance of at least 1500 nits and up to 2000 nits, almost doubling last year’s Quantum Dot SUHD models’ 1000 nits. (One nit is equivalent to the light from one candle.)

Impressively, even with this increase in brightness, the sets have dramatically deeper blacks than any other LCD-based TV, thanks to improvements in Quantum Dot technology, which now uses a new metal material. Obviously, Samsung is improving its own QLED tech to be a worthy rival to OLED-based TVs, which always trounced LCD TVs in terms of black levels.

Samsung says that all these brightness and black level breakthroughs achieved through QLED vastly improves these sets’ color space and will be able to retain color accuracy even with full brightness.

Additionally, aside from HDR applications, it looks like QLED sets have eliminated viewing angle issues, a common weakness of LCD TVs, allowing the screen to be viewed at extreme angles without loss of quality.

With these picture improvements, Samsung could’ve stopped there and we would have still been impressed – but it had more up its sleeves.

Samsung QLED TV – Gravity Stand

Clutter-Free Fiber Optic Connection

To get rid of unsightly wires ruining these otherwise beautiful marvels, Samsung moved all the input ports (HDMI, USB, etc.) to a separate breakout box connected to the TV via a ultra-thin translucent fiber optic cable (why didn’t anyone think of that before?). Together with a fairly thin power cable, this should help minimize clutter without the tedious need for wire fishing through walls.

Gap-Free Mount

Another practical improvement to the QLED line is a proprietary wall mount system embedded within the back of the TVs. This system allows the sets to lay flush on the wall when mounted without the need for clunky external hardware.


Improved Smart View

On the software side, the QLED line will introduce a Chromecast-like streaming functionality built-in to the sets. Paired with the Smart View app on a smartphone, anyone can fling beam videos straight to these TVs. Together with Samsung’s Smart TV ecosystem, this feature is surely a welcome addition.

This is just a first glimpse of what CES 2017 has to offer and what a great primer it is! We can’t wait for the other cool new technology we will surely see as CES 2017 unfolds in the next few days.

Are you pumped to see what Samsung’s QLED is all about? Drop us a comment below!

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