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Kim’s favorite cancer doc explains radiation technology in a way you’ll actually understand

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New approaches to treating cancer

Regular Komando on Demand guest Dr. Cullen Taniguchi of MD Anderson Cancer Center joins Mike James to talk about developments in radiation technology that are giving cancer patients hope and longer lives. You may remember Dr. Taniguchi from an earlier episode, where Kim asks him, “Can you get cancer from what you eat?

Set aside 30 minutes to listen to this episode, or download it and listen on your drive to or from work.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How targeted radiation technology works with the body’s immune system to fight cancer (this is exciting!)
  • The pinpoint precision with which doctors can target tumors in the body
  • Side effects (they’re still present, but they are less severe and last less time)
  • How the body responds to oxygen levels and changes in temperature

Stage 4 cancer isn’t a death sentence

In an excerpt from the interview, Dr. Taniguchi explains what happens when someone gets a stage-four diagnosis of cancer.

“When stage four is diagnosed, it has spread beyond the primary tumor,” he said. Yet stage four doesn’t mean a death sentence. It may mean it’s not curable, but it’s treatable and manageable. He compares it to other non-curable diagnoses like diabetes and heart disease.

Those conditions may not be cured but they can be managed by a variety of therapies.

“In some cases [of treating stage four cancer], we can get a full response and get something close to a cure,” he said. “We try to turn cancer into a manageable disease.”

Plus, Mike quizzes Dr. Taniguchi on an alphabet soup of cancer-related acronyms — EBRT, IMRT, 3D-CRT, IGRT and more — and Dr. Taniguchi explains these terms in a way that we actually understood.

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