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Can Google’s newest tech compete with Amazon and Apple?

After months of speculation, Google finally kicked off the Pixel 4 reveal with its highly-publicized keynote conference in San Francisco. Although many of the products discussed had been leaked or teased in the weeks prior, the company still brought a fair number of surprises for its fans.

Thanks to aggressive discussion on social media, Pixel 4 has been called one of the most heavily leaked devices of all time. In fact, you can click or tap here to see our discussion on design and spec leaks. But even with what we knew, Google’s latest reveals paint a better picture of how their flagship devices stack up against the competition.

At the Made by Google event, the Pixel 4 was only one of several new devices revealed by the world’s biggest search engine company — but how do they compare to Apple and Amazon’s offerings this year? Here’s what Google unveiled at their keynote, and why these new products might just give the iPhone 11 a run for its money.

Surprise? Google unveils the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Much has been leaked about the Pixel 4’s new design and hardware in recent months. But now, we actually have official information on specs and availability for Google’s latest mobile device.

Much like its competitor at Apple, the Pixel 4 features a triple telephoto lens camera array for better zoom and clearer image quality. The phone also comes equipped with specialized machine learning algorithms that optimize photos for clarity — to the point where the Pixel 4 can even be used for photographing stars and planets in the night sky.

Design-wise, the phone ditches the camera notch found in many of its competitors, including the iPhone 11, for a sleeker, continuous display. In spite of this, the phone still retains facial recognition biometrics. What’s new, though, is a gesture recognition interface that allows users to navigate their phone without even touching it.

The Pixel 4, and its larger cousin the Pixel 4 XL, will be available Oct. 24 for $800 and $900, respectively. In a new move from Google, the handset will be available for all carriers, so there’s no need to worry about exclusivity this time around.

Google does Wi-Fi with the Google Nest Wi-Fi and Google Nest Mini


People often look for ways to increase the speed of the Wi-Fi in their home. Click or tap here to see our guide on optimizing your own home Wi-Fi network. After all, Wi-Fi is what makes the world go round.

Speaking of Wi-Fi, Google announced something special for those of us who want faster internet and want to step into the world of smart homes. The new Google Nest Wi-Fi is designed to act as a full-fledged router, but can pair with a second unit to expand the range of Wi-Fi in your living space.

The router also comes bundled with Google Assistant, which gives the handy voice AI access to your devices and appliances, much like the Amazon Echo family of products. Plus, they integrate with existing Nest products you already own.

The Google Nest Wi-Fi starts at $269 for a router and extender two-pack, and for $349 you can get a three-pack with two extenders. They’ll be available for purchase on Nov. 4.

The Nest Mini, which acts as an expansion for Google Assistant for other parts of your home, retails for $49 and will be available for purchase on Oct. 22.

Make some noise for the Pixel Buds 2

Not to be outdone by both Samsung and Apple, Google has decided to release a pair of sleek-looking wireless buds of their own with the Pixel Buds 2.

These newly re-engineered buds are finally cable-free and boast 5 hours of continuous battery life. This can be expanded to 24 hours when paired with the included charging case.

Not only are these new buds good-looking and comfortable, they also come equipped with Google Assistant for handy features like real-time translation. They’re the perfect companion for the frequent fliers among us.

The Pixel Buds 2 will have their official release in the spring of 2020, and will retail for $180.

The new, more affordable, Google Pixelbook Go

Google’s laptop hardware has been extremely popular among folks in business and education — and for good reason. They’re cheap, durable and secure from much of the malware floating around the web today, thanks to ChromeOS.

Now, Google is releasing the latest version of their Pixelbook series: The Pixelbook Go. The new laptop is a full $350 cheaper than the previous Pixelbook model, retailing at $650. It features a rugged exterior casing with a matte finish for easier gripping. It also comes packed with a new, quieter, keyboard, 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

How does all this compare to Amazon and Apple’s new products?

Both Apple and Amazon are looking like serious contenders this year with their slate of products, but Google isn’t a company to sleep on. The company is diving deep into Google Assistant, and the new Nest family of products looks to give Alexa a run for her money.

By acting as a router, especially a router with name recognition, you can expect Google Assistant to be adopted into many more homes in the coming months. Click or tap to see how Alexa and Google Assistant compare to one another.

And that’s not even counting the mobile side of things, where the Google Pixel 4 has Apple’s flagships flatly beaten in the pricing department. The Camera lacks the wide-angle lens found in the iPhone 11, but Apple’s onboard AI doesn’t seem nearly as refined as Google’s processing option.

Whichever device is superior remains to be seen — but keep an eye out for reviews and user feedback as the products hit the market later this fall.

Bonus: Google Stadia finally gets a status report

Let’s not forget those of you with kids who have been asking about Google’s upcoming video game console Stadia. We’re pleased to report an official release date of Nov. 19 has been announced.

Gamers can stream an impressive library of titles for only $10, but you’ll need to pick up Google’s special Stadia controller for an additional $69. With its small size, it might just make the perfect stocking-stuffer this holiday season.

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