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Caller finds $611,000 by asking Kim for advice

They may take slightly different forms, but you have probably heard of at least a couple of scams that try to get you on the hook by offering you riches. Whether it’s the Nigerian prince or someone from Saudi Arabia or whatever, they tend to all end the same way.

You send them money and get nothing in return, except for embarrassment and some financial troubles. The scams are so well known — and mocked — that you probably wonder how people still fall for them.

The thing is the pull of newfound riches will always be there. That, and it turns out sometimes the money is actually real.

Kim has helped find it

On one of Kim’s recent shows, a caller named Debbie talked about how her father received a letter from an investigator that claimed they found money of his and wanted a finder’s fee. Debbie of course had questions, but with a whopping $611,000 on the line, she wanted to look into it.

Before acting on it, however, she called up Kim, who did some investigating of her own. And you know what? It was legitimate. The money exists.

It took Kim less than one minute to find it, and because she did, no exorbitant finder’s fee will need to be paid in order to secure the money Debbie’s dad earned.

How did she do it?

The first thing to understand is that there are multiple ways for money to be yours, even if you are unaware of its existence. Be it via unclaimed property, through the IRS, Treasury Bonds, retirement, pension or life insurance, there are billions of dollars just sitting there waiting to be claimed.

If you think some of it may be yours, there are many ways in which to find it.

For unclaimed property, the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators has links to every state’s database. You can also visit, which is endorsed by the NAUPA and will let you search for free.

If your money is being held by the IRS or Treasury, there are other options. The IRS may have your money if you made too little to file taxes yet had some withheld by your employer anyway or if you moved without letting the IRS or Post Office know and your refund check got sent to the wrong address.

To check in with the IRS, you can go to the “Where’s my Refund” page, while if you or someone in your family wants to look into treasury bonds check out the US Department of the Treasury.

As for unclaimed retirement benefits, you can check to see if any of your money is being held by former employers by tapping or clicking here. If it is a pension plan you are trying to track down, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation can help. As for an unclaimed life insurance policy, the link you want is here.

Don’t get scammed, and don’t pay for your money

With all that in mind, it is still as important as ever to look into every possibility on a case-by-case basis without rushing into anything. The saying, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” still very much applies, as money doesn’t just come out of nowhere.

Instead, the money you could get was all earned, just kind of got a little bit lost. But if someone says you need to pay up in order to get it, as Kim showed, that’s not at all the case. App background

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