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Clever browser extension blocks political ad retargeting and tracking

Are you Team Trump? Or do your political views tend toward the Anti-Trump crowd?

Right, it’s none of my business! It’s none of anyone’s business, except yours and the people you choose to share it with.

Election years are a critical time to protect your privacy. Yet, you’re being bombarded with people trying to influence the way you vote.

That includes political ads, some of which are loaded with lies and falsehoods.

You’re also being tracked online by Facebook, which is true all the time. But during this political season, you may notice that political ads seem to be following you around the internet — they are!

You don’t want your vote influenced by Facebook, do you? You definitely don’t want Facebook tracking your every move, if you care about your privacy.

Good news. There are a couple of ways to protect your privacy on Facebook and online.

The web browser Firefox has rolled out two web extensions that will protect your privacy, especially your political opinions. One will slow down Facebook from following your every move and the other will help a nonprofit group determine if the political ads you’re seeing are accurate or full of lies.

Firefox Facebook Container

The web browser goes above and beyond most browsers to protect your privacy. In fact, you’re likely to see this message when you log in: “At Mozilla, we believe that privacy is fundamental to a healthy internet.”

That goes for its Firefox Facebook Container extension. It’s an extension that Firefox created to prevent Facebook from tracking you on the site and off the site.

“Firefox makes it easier to explore the web without Facebook watching, so you can keep your political opinions to yourself,” it says. The web browser goes a step further, too, with another extension in its Firefox Election Bundle.

Facebook political ad collector

The bundle also includes ProPublica’s Facebook Political Ad Collector. This extension, in part, helps journalists identify misleading ads.

How to install Firefox extensions

You can easily install web extensions on Firefox. Open the Firefox web browser.

Click on the menu, the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner. Click on Add-Ons then Find More Add-Ons.

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