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Black Friday TV price predictions to get the best deals

Oh boy, Black Friday is just around the corner and as usual, part of the fun is speculating about what kind of TVs will be offered this time around. Stores know that consumers love Black Friday TV deals and they always make sure that big doorbuster TV sales are front and center each year.

And this year may mark the biggest mass upgrade for consumers since HDTV sets became household items. Our prediction? This is the year of the 4K TV. And it’s not just regular 4K TVs, mind you, but we will be seeing price drops for 4K TVs with premium features like HDR come Black Friday this year.

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How come? Last year, the 4K television had hit the mainstream but was still a top-dollar item. Now, the appetite for 4K imagining has plateaued, and we can expect the prices to drop. Many experts believe that 4K TVs will cost only a little more than HD televisions of the same size.

Small TVs

Nowadays, smaller TVs ranging from 32 to 43 inches are relegated to the bargain bin Black Friday deals since they’re usually discounted at sub-$100 prices, making them perfect for secondary TVs for kitchens or bedrooms.

Don’t expect models from major brands like Samsung or LG with these prices, though, rather they will most likely come from second or third tier TV brands like Polaroid, Insignia, Hitachi, Element or TCL. Note: TCL actually makes the best budget TVs around including the best bang for your buck 4K TV out there. Click here to check it out.

The cheapest 32-inch sets will likely still have 720p resolutions but you can probably get a 32-inch smart TV within the $70 to $85 price range.

With the 40- to 43-inch TVs, however, we’ll see record low prices for 4K resolution sets. (It’s funny how 40 inch TVs are considered “small” nowadays). Currently, these sets hover around $250 to $400 but expect 40-inch 4K models to hit sub-$200 prices.

Midsized TVs

Now, this size range is where the 4K TV push is going to be in full force. From top brands to off-brands, since most people consider 45 to 55-inch TV sets as big enough as main TVs, this size category will have most of this year’s Black Friday best 4K TV deals. We might even see sub-$200 50-inch and $250 55-inch 4K smart TVs this year!

At this size range, watch out for heavily discounted 4K models from major TV makers like Vizio, Toshiba, Sharp, Samsung, and LG too. As always, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days to snag the best brands for less money.

Watch out for massive discounts on 1080p smart TVs too. Although 4K sets are now mainstream, you can still snag a great looking 1080p set for a fraction of the price.

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Large TVs and beyond

Now, with 60- to 70-inch 4K TVs and beyond, we’ll see great discounts for sets with more premium features like HDR. We’ll probably finally be getting 65-inch 4K HDR smart TVs from second-tier brands like HiSense and Haier drop below $600.

Major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target may even offer premium 65- to 70-inch 4K TV sets from brands like Samsung, LG and Vizio as loss leaders with massive discounts so keep your eye out for those.

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