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Bizarre Asian singing contest tops YouTube’s 2017 trending videos

Let’s face it, we’re living in a viral world. Of course, I’m talking about things that trend globally online.

Who could forget the classic viral dress debate? Is it black and blue or gold and white? No one could seem to agree.

Another thing people can’t seem to get enough of are compelling videos.

They’re the perfectly entertaining way to kill a few minutes and take your mind off the daily grind.

It was a banner year for viral videos. Here are YouTube’s top 10 trending videos of the year.

1. Until we will become dust

This is YouTube’s top trending video of 2017. It’s from the international singing competition, “The Mask Singer.” It’s been viewed over 185 million times.

2. Shape of You

This video is an alternative dance routine to Ed Sheeran’s hit, “Shape of You.” It has over 120 million views.

3. Ping Pong trick shots

These amazing Ping Pong trick shots are brought to you by the Dude Perfect team. This video has been viewed nearly 95 million times.

4. 12-year-old singing ventriloquist gets golden buzzer

This 12-year-old awed viewers of “Americas Got Talent” with her ventriloquist stylings. This heart-warming video has been viewed over 42 million times.

5. Carpool karaoke

Ed Sheeran joined James Corden for a special edition of “Carpool Karaoke” earlier this year. Over 40 million people have watched this video on YouTube.

6. Super Bowl halftime show

Lady Gaga is one of the top performing artists of 2017. Her Super Bowl halftime show didn’t disappoint fans. It’s been viewed over 37 million times on YouTube.

7. Bad lip reading of Inauguration

Bad lip reading videos are always hilarious. This version from Inauguration Day comes in as number seven of YouTube’s top 10 list. It has more than 35 million views.

8. History of the entire world, I guess

This is one of the stranger entries on the list. It’s an animator who tries giving the entire history of the world in under 20 minutes. The original version, which is not safe for work (NSFW), has over 35 million views. For our purposes here, I gave you the clean version.

9. In a heartbeat

YouTube’s ninth most viral video of the year is an animated short film about a young boy following his heart. It has more than 32 million views.

10. Children interrupt BBC News interview

Who could forget this precious video? This associate professor of Political Science gets interrupted by his children while being interviewed on live TV. It’s been viewed over 25 million times.


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