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Microsoft is releasing huge update for Windows 11
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Microsoft announces big updates coming to Windows 11

Windows 11 arrived with much fanfare, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. A nasty bug made some computers intolerably slow, while a fake Windows installer attempted to steal passwords and crypto wallet details.

But between solving all the launch issues and subsequent vulnerabilities, Microsoft has been working on a big update. While there isn’t a definite release date, the company hints that it could be just around the corner.

One of the most significant features includes updating how File Explorer searches for folders, documents or specific files. It will now have contextual suggestions that recommend relevant content. It also brings tabs to File Explorer to simultaneously search for multiple things. Here are four other features that will be coming to Windows 11.

1. Background noise suppression

If you have used Microsoft Teams in the past, you might already be familiar with the built-in noise suppression feature. During a meeting, the technology aims to minimize any sounds in the background so that others in the meeting can hear you better.

Similar technology is making its way into Windows 11 and will automatically remove unwanted background sounds. Voice Focus will work in tandem with another new feature called Voice Clarity to improve the overall online meeting experience. 

2. Background blur

Voice Focus takes care of the audio, but an additional feature aims to improve the visuals. Part of the new update includes Background blur. You might be familiar with it through other meeting software. As more people join discussions online, there is usually a hurry to clear the background of unsightly objects.

The Background blur function works as the name suggests. By autofocusing the camera on your face, everything behind you will fall into a blurred state. Not only does this afford you some privacy, but it’s a pretty neat effect as well.

3. Automatic Framing

Reducing contrasting backgrounds is excellent, but what happens when you move around? If you don’t have an autofocus or tracking camera, it can cause some awkward situations. For that reason, Microsoft is adding an automatic framing option to Windows 11.

The operating system will trigger the framing when you are in a Teams meeting or using other software and aims always to keep you in focus. It will do this whether you are sitting, standing or moving around.

4. Eye contact

During an online meeting, most people know that you can’t directly look at the person you are talking to while looking into the camera. Unfortunately, this often creates a jumble between looking at the monitor and back at the camera a few times.

Microsoft uses Artificial Intelligence for its eye contact feature to solve this issue. The AI will adjust where you are looking to make it appear as if you are always looking directly at the camera.

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