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Best LED Christmas lights you can buy in 2018

Now that the Black Friday shopping frenzy is over, it’s that time of year when you start pulling out tangled Christmas lights from storage.

On one hand, you look forward to the festivities, on the other you dread the huge energy bills.

This Christmas, you don’t have to. Switching to LED lights can save you a lot of money.

Why go for LEDs?

Why should you get LED Christmas lights instead of incandescents?

For one, LED lights produce little to no heat. They are cool to the touch, and because of this, they require much less energy to function. About 75% less to be more accurate. This is because nearly 90% of incandescent light bulb energy is released as heat rather than light. So unless you have no heater for the winter, and want to cuddle up next to the tree for warmth, you’re wasting 90% of the energy you feed into your incandescent lights.

The lower energy usage also allows another major benefit. With LEDs, you can string together eight to 10 times more strands of lights using the same outlet. DO NOT attempt that with standard incandescent lights. Any more than four to five strands of lights become a major fire hazard. This makes LED lights much safer and more convenient to decorate with.

Finally, LED lights last much, much longer. The average LED light strand is rated to last 25 times longer than their incandescent counterparts. This means you can count on a strand of LED lights to continue working year after year.

For your Christmas LED needs, here are the best options we found for you on Amazon.


KooPower LED Indoor String Light with Remote and Timer, $22.99, shop at Amazon

For a full-featured indoor holiday LED light set that won’t put a big dent on your holiday shopping budget, this KooPower Christmas light kit fits the bill. 

With 200 energy-efficient warm white LED bulbs, you can make your holiday home look spectacular yet cozy without racking up a huge electric bill.

And forget about the hassle of unplugging them during the day. This set also comes with a convenient built-in timer and a wireless remote control. With the remote, you can cycle through 8 different modes of operation (twinkle, flash, etc.) and its brightness settings.

For all the features you’re getting for around $23, it’s hard to beat the KooPower holiday lighting kit.

Novolink 100-Light LED Warm White String Light, $13.97, shop at Amazon

Can’t put up your living room Christmas lights because of a lack of power outlets? No problem! Just get this Novolink string light strip and you can position your decorations anywhere you may please.

This particular set is powered by three AA batteries (not included) so you won’t have to worry about the hassle of extension cords and power taps. With its built-in timer, you are assured that it won’t run more than it needs to, and with its 34-foot length, you can decorate any room quickly and efficiently.

For under $14, these versatile Novolink string lights are a steal.


TaoTronics Dimmable LED String Lights, $19.99, shop at Amazon

The TaoTronics brand is a perennial Amazon bestseller when it comes to string LEDs. For the quality, features and value you’re getting, it’s definitely a brand you can rely on.

For your outdoor lighting needs, check out this waterproof 100 LED string light kit. You can control it wirelessly with the included remote and change its brightness level or effect to flash, strobe, fade. It comes in either warm white or multicolor options, and with their built-in protection against the elements, you can set this up anywhere.

For a quick and easy Christmas light setup, check out this highly rated $19.99 LED set from Amazon now.

Bonus: LED Flame Effect Light Bulb, $9.88, shop at Amazon

Here’s a novelty LED bulb I found that has a unique special effect – it simulates the look of an open flame! It’s totally one item that you would never think you’ll ever need but for its impulse-buy friendly price, it’s worth checking out.

You can install this on an artificial fireplace or hearth to replicate the look of a fire without the hassles of soot and smoke. You can even mount these on stands and simulate a torch. These can definitely be fun conversation starters on your Christmas dinner table.

You can get this fancy light bulb on Amazon right now for under $10.

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