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Best tech unveiled at this year’s CES tech show

CES 2020 has come and gone, but the gadgets that debuted will stick with us for years to come. Whether they’re in the same exact package or wrapped up under a different brand name and enclosure, the beauty of new technology is how adaptable it can be in our daily lives.

That said, not everything at CES this year was stellar or innovative. As the world’s biggest electronics tradeshow, there’s always enough space for weird gadgets and oddball tech that someone thought would be a good idea. Tap or click here for our favorite hits and misses at the convention.

But this year, in particular, was a rather spectacular edition of CES. Some of the biggest names in tech announced products that would never have been possible just a few short years ago.

That’s why we’ve picked our favorite innovations from CES, as well as the gadget voted “Best in show.” You won’t believe what these products are capable of.

1. The chiliBLANKET solves the biggest problem with sleep (besides blanket hogging)

Chili Technology

Let’s face it: Nearly everyone on the planet has been annoyed at some point with feeling too hot or too cold in bed. No matter how many blankets you stack or remove, or what temperature you set the thermostat, getting comfortable can be a royal pain in the neck.

But now, sleep improvement inventors at Kyro are offering a new product called chiliBLANKET, which capitalizes on the weighted blanket trend. This climate-controlled cover features small glass beads to distribute weight, and uses water cooling and heating to reach customized temperatures.

It even features a removable cover so it’s easy to wash!

2. The Mophie Powerstation Go will charge your phone, watch, tablet and jump your car!

Zagg Brands/Mophie | Zagg .com

The loss of the AirPower mat was tragic for Apple fans. Now, instead of an official charging product for multiple devices, users have to rely on third parties to pick up the torch. Tap or click to see why we placed the AirPower mat on our list of the worst gadgets of the decade.

But third parties are sometimes willing to go where Apple won’t, and the Mophie Powerstation Go is a perfect example. This innovative power strip can charge multiple devices like phones, tablets and watches. What’s more, it even comes with jumper cables that can power your car. Yes, really!

Plus, unlike the other items on this list, you can buy it right now. Tap or click here to buy your own Powerstation Go.

3. Samsung cuts deep with its ‘handy’ robot chef

This one is impressive. When futurists are asked about “the kitchen of the future,” many will point to smart appliances, app-assisted recipe books and social cooking experiences. But back in the day, we’re talking “The Jetsons” here, it was all about robots. That future sounds much more intriguing.

And apparently, Samsung agrees. At CES 2020, it debuted a set of robotic hands called Bot Chef that mount directly into your kitchen. They can chop, pour and do basically anything a set of human hands can to help you prepare delicious meals. You have to see it to believe it.

The only thing we’re not 100% sure of: How much of Samsung’s demo was actual AI or scripted. Hopefully, in the years before this product is ready for mass production, Samsung has a chance to get it right.

4. Bosch wins over drivers everywhere with its Virtual Visor

Any time you have to drive in the sun’s direction, your commute can become unbearable. That sun visor you put down to protect your eyes can only go so far in the late afternoon. And sometimes, if it’s bright enough out, it can feel like you’re driving blind.

But innovators at Bosch have developed the Virtual Visor, which uses camera technology to create an advanced video feedback system that blocks out the sun, not your field of vision. Hopefully, this makes it into cars in the years to come.

5. Sony is making a car!?

That Sony? Well, it only seems like a natural evolution after branching from portable tape players to robot puppies. Tap or click here to learn more about Sony’s new updates for AIBO, the robot dog.

And true to form, Sony stole the show with their surprise announcement of the Vision-S concept car at the end of its keynote. This sleek, modern sedan takes some obvious inspiration from Tesla and features an array of safety sensors that apparently make it one of the safest cars you can drive.

It’s also a rechargeable electric vehicle. Plus, it syncs with all your other Sony gear. We’re excited to see how it connects with your Playstation. We assume Grand Theft Auto won’t be compatible.

6. Samsung ‘edges out’ the competition with The Wall TV

Samsung Newsroom |

Samsung’s TV showcase at CES is already the stuff of legends. Nearly every convention has had something fantastic to display, and this year is no exception. Fans are already going gaga over the brilliant-looking The Wall TV, which features a gorgeous end-to-end display with no bezel.

No other TV on the market comes this close to letting users disappear into their media. It even looks amazing turned off — a beautiful clear slab of glass and metal. This one will sell like hotcakes.

Best in show of 2020: ClearUP is ‘The Last Gadget Standing’

Every year, a council of participants and CES attendees vote on which piece of tech is the best of the year. This year marks the 20th anniversary of this ceremony, and the winner this time around is an innovative medical device that can cure sinus headaches without any medicine whatsoever!

The ClearUP device from Tivic Health uses painless electrical impulses to affect the nerves surrounding the sinus cavities in your face. This can reduce pain and inflammation symptoms, and studies have shown 74% of users experience relief after a single treatment. I know what I want for Christmas this year!

What about you? What’s your favorite gadget from CES 2020?

If you thought these entries were wild, tap or click here to see all of the top contenders for Last Gadget Standing 2020.

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