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AT&T victory, Comcast bid means more channels, more devices

With AT&T getting approval to buy Time Warner and Comcast making a serious bid to swipe Fox out from under Disney, the big media firms are going all-out to grab your viewership – and money.

Tuesday, AT&T got federal approval to buy Time Warner for $85 billion. With the government standing aside, Comcast bid $65 billion cash Wednesday for Fox, which had a standing bid from Disney for $52 billion in stock. But let’s not get lost in all the billions. What does this mean for you?

Media companies are growing the ways they can deliver their product to you. AT&T owns DirecTV, and owning Time Warner will give it more shows and movies. Twenty-First Century Fox is a partner in Hulu, along with being one of the biggest studios, with one of the biggest libraries of classic movies around. Whoever wins the bidding war — Comcast or Disney — wins access to movies and a streaming powerhouse.

It seems they’re trying to relaunch big-bundle entertainment packages filled with loads of channels. But they’re not thinking about your home TV. They’re looking at all your connected devices, which can stream anything you want to watch — or want to subscribe to.

In the old days, we paid for hundreds of channels, but only watched a few. Tomorrow, we’ll pay for thousands and watch them anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Click to hear what Kim thinks about the future of media mergers and how they affect you.

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