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Good news: Your home internet might get a huge speed boost (at no extra cost)

The pandemic has moved many of our lives online. Some of us have been lucky enough to stay safe by working from home during these strange times. But we don’t log off when the shift is over.

We then turn to Netflix or whatever your streaming service of choice is to stay entertained. All this online activity has probably put your internet connection front and center. If you’re not getting the speeds that you’re paying for, that’s a problem. Tap or click here to report slow internet to the FCC.

Upgrading isn’t as simple as calling up your provider, as that would mean a probable increase in monthly charges. But one provider is giving customers a boost of speed at no extra charge. Keep reading to find out what’s in the works.

Here’s the backstory

AT&T announced that entry-level customers on its 100Mbps plan would be given a free upgrade to the 300Mbps plan. The company claims that it is the fastest entry-level speed of any major provider.

Don’t fret if you are on a higher tier. Customers on the previous 300Mbps plan will receive a boost to the 500Mbps plan, while the 1GB plan remains unchanged. Tackling cybersecurity, the company is also throwing in AT&T Internet Security for free.

In terms of prices, the breakdown is:

  • 1GB is $60 per month for a year + taxes and a $10/month equip fee.
  • 500Mbps is $45 per month for a year + taxes and a $10/month equip fee.
  • 300Mbps is $35/month for a year + taxes and a $10/month equip fee.

(Note: These plan prices are good for customers with AutoPay and paperless billing.)

Taking the pandemic into account, AT&T explained that “fast, reliable and affordable internet is becoming a critical need for all Americans,” in a statement.

How does it compare to other providers?

AT&T claims that the 300Mbps package is the fastest entry-level plan available. While that might be true, how does it stack up against other providers like Comcast or Verizon?

The basic fiber package from Verizon starts at 200 Mbps for $39.99. This includes a three-month subscription to Discovery+ or a three-month subscription to PlayStation Plus. The next tier in connectivity is a 400Mbps plan for $59.99. That’s more expensive than AT&T’s 500 Mbps plan.

Xfinity offers a 100 Mbps plan for $29.99, a 200 Mbps plan for $34.99 a month, and a 400 Mbps plan for $59.99 a month. All plans include a Premium subscription to Peacock.

T-Mobile, for home internet, has one offering for $60 a month. Customers can expect download speeds of 100 Mbps, while others might see an average download speed of 25 Mbps.

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