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How to get paid for working out using an Apple Watch

If you’re into health and fitness, there’s a great chance you’ve at least heard about health trackers. That’s because wearable technology has become a huge hit in the health industry. People everywhere are trying to “get their steps in.”

Apple is a major wearables player. The company is constantly adding new features to its Apple Watch, many focusing on health. Tap or click here to learn about a recent potentially life-saving feature added to Apple Watch.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a smartwatch, now might be the perfect time. Several gyms across the country are starting to give incentives to Apple Watch users.

Gyms & Apple Watch users

Apple announced it has a new incentive program called “Apple Watch Connected” that is basically a partnership with select gyms across the country.

The program is designed to help people with an Apple Watch track their workouts more easily while getting some pretty cool incentives along the way. Participating gyms will start accepting Apple Pay for things like bottled drinks and other gym items, and offer users rewards for working out.

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As of now, there are four gyms participating in the Apple Watch Connected program. They are Basecamp Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Orange Theory and YMCA. Not every location is currently participating, so check with your local gym to see it’s part of the program.

Apple said more gyms will be joining in the future, and it’s free for gyms to take part in the program, as long as they meet certain criteria from Apple.

Here is a list of what Apple expects from participating gyms:

  • The gym must offer an app for iPhone and Apple Watch that helps users track their fitness, check-in at the gym and see available class scedules.
  • They must have an option for Apple Watch owners to earn rewards or discounts.
  • The gym has to accept Apple Pay when users purchase items.
  • The gym must be able to support GymKit, unless they exclusively offer studio-style workouts where members use different equipment and use the floor, like what Orange Theory offers, or if the gym does not have cardio machines.

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Rewards available with Apple Watch Connected

Gyms that participate in Apple Watch Connected are able to choose what rewards or discounts they offer. Most of the plans have fitness goals that you must reach before receiving them.

Here is what you can earn from each of the gyms:

  • Basecamp Fitness – You have the opportunity to earn back the cost of the Apple Watch Series 5 GPS model.
  • Crunch Fitness – Discounts on membership fees. You can earn up to $3-$4 per week in membership credit for achieving your fitness goals. The credit applies to the next month’s bill and it can be earned in or outside the gym.
  • Orange Theory – Earn gift cards to Apple and Nike when you hit certain fitness goals.
  • YMCA – Your workouts will result in contributions toward free classes for children.

There are some decent incentives with this program — as long as you hit your fitness goals. Why not participate? You could be on the way to a healthier you in no time.

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