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Apple wants to be the next leader in streaming TV

As more and more people decide to cut the cord for good, the war for streaming domination continues to heat up. Netflix and Amazon continue to reign as kings of the playground, while newcomer Disney eyes from the sidelines with plans to unleash a behemoth of its own. Plus, with Hulu now a part of the family, the House of Mouse seems poised to wreck the status quo.

But one other entity has its sights set on igniting the streaming ecosystem with another new service: Apple. We’ve covered the tech titan’s massive plans previously, but new reporting suggests that the company is taking the whole streaming enterprise even more seriously than we could have expected — with billions of dollars in cash backing star-studded original content.

Apple TV Plus is just one more entry in a rapidly growing field of entertainment options. But if you’re looking to see if this service is worth paying a monthly subscription for, we’re diving into the latest information surrounding Apple’s mysterious streaming platform.

A multi-billion-dollar idea

Despite being a relative newcomer to the world of streaming video, Apple is willing to bet big on its upcoming platform, Apple TV Plus. According to reports from the Financial Times, the company plans to invest nearly $6 billion in original content in the coming year, although some sources associated with Apple have disputed the exact amount.

To put it bluntly, Apple must be fairly confident in its platform and material if it’s willing to put that kind of money behind it.

Apple TV Plus isn’t a spur of the moment endeavor, either — as development has been chugging along for several years now. A good chunk of the budget, however, may be dedicated to attracting talent, content and the all-important celebrity brand ambassadors. Yes, you heard right.

Seeing stars

The revelation of the massive Apple TV Plus budget comes alongside news that the platform’s opening salvo will include some major star players. This includes material from monumental personalities like Steve Carell, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey.

In fact, one of the first shows to launch, “The Morning Show” starring Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon is said to have a per-episode budget rivaling HBO mega-hit Game of Thrones.

More importantly, these entries are said to be “exclusives” in the same vein as Amazon or Netflix’s original offerings. This means that Apple TV Plus will be the only place to catch the latest episodes of these new shows — but whether they’re a hit with audiences remains to be seen.

The same goes for whether or not the original content is worth the cost of admission — which, by the way, isn’t currently known yet. Rumors, however, point to a potential free trial for Apple customers and an overall monthly fee of $10. Compared to some competitors like Netflix or Amazon Prime, it’s actually a bit cheaper.

But ultimately, Apple’s efforts are all for show if there’s nothing worth watching. We’ll have to wait and see until November, which is when the platform is rumored to launch.

More fun from Apple

But the streaming shenanigans aren’t the only cool news coming from Cupertino. Just this week, Apple officially launched the Apple Card, which iPhone users can easily apply for inside the Wallet app. Approval depends upon credit qualifications, but the attractive cashback features are at least worth a look for those who are curious.

And speaking of curiosity, for Apple users looking to find new games to play on their devices, Apple’s upcoming Arcade service is rumored to be launching with a $4.99 monthly subscription price, as well as Family Sharing options so everyone can get in on the action.

All that remains to be seen now is whether or not the company reveals some new hardware at the usual time this fall. But from all we’ve seen, signs clearly point to “iPhone 11” territory. See you in September!

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