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Apple may release new AirPods this month – with a much-needed feature

Have you seen Apple’s AirPods in stores recently? If not, don’t worry — you’re not alone. The company’s popular wireless earbuds continue to sell out at a rapid pace more than two years after their debut. Analysts even estimate they make up around 60% of the global wireless headphone market. Click or tap to learn 6 essential AirPod tips and tricks.

But if you’ve held out on snapping up a pair of AirPods, you might want to wait just a little bit longer. Rumors of a new set of AirPods are making the rounds, and they look like they’re backed up by some hidden code in iOS 13.

What’s more, they might include a new feature that makes the last two models look old-fashioned. Here’s a sneak preview into Apple’s mysterious upcoming products, as well as the latest on release dates, features and pricing.

New AirPods design?

Reports from Business Insider suggest a new set of AirPods are on the way that include a feature left out from the two previous models: noise cancelling. These newly designed AirPods would emerge in direct competition with new offerings from Microsoft, Google and Amazon, and suggest the war for your ears is starting to heat up.

The reports are based on a few factors that point to the existence of this new product. Earlier in the year, industry analysts suggested Apple was working on new earbuds based off a series of insider tips and supply-chain leaks.

Now, software developers exploring the iOS 13 betas have discovered an image in the code that closely resembles the AirPods — but with a completely different design.


As you can see, these AirPods feature a completely different tip than the ones currently on the market. These suggest an “in-ear” variety of headphone — with soft, interchangeable tips like the kind found on Apple’s Beats family of products. These tips help block out sound, and would be necessary for any alleged noise cancelling feature.

That feature is hinted at in iOS 13 as well. The software suggests another kind of “listening mode,” which likely means a noise cancelling option.

But this is Apple we’re talking about, so expect them to come up with a “magical” new name for the feature and claim they invented it.

When are these new AirPods coming and how much will they cost?

Previous reports and supply chain leaks are tentatively calling the new buds the “AirPod Pro,” which falls neatly in line with Apple’s high-end naming scheme.


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The same reports predict the headphones will retail for around $260, but no official price has been announced or hinted at.

A launch date is anyone’s guess. Analysts are predicting a release anywhere from late October to mid 2020, but the fact that the image above is found in the code of iOS 13 implies they’re not too far away. Plus, it’d be smart to release a new entry for one of Apple’s most popular products just ahead of the holiday season.

A fall release isn’t completely unprecedented from Apple. In 2018, the company revealed the latest iPad Pro at the tail end of October. Click or tap to see how Apple’s top-of-the-line tablet stacks up against its biggest competitor: the Surface Pro.

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