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Apple just sent out an invite for its iPhone 13 release event – with a hidden message

After much speculation, Apple revealed that September 14 would be the day you can learn all about the new iPhone 13. If you are like us, you rushed over to the official event page on Apple’s website.

All the details for when the event will be hosted live are presented in a neat invitation. It details the date and time, and there is a handy button to store the info in your calendar. But we bet that there is something that you missed in the minimalist design.

Nope, it isn’t that the lake looks a bit familiar or that the Apple logo inspires late-night dances at the roller rink. We’ll get into those details in a bit, but did you know that you can store your COVID vaccine card on your iPhone? Tap or click here to learn how.

Here’s the backstory

The invitation isn’t just for the iPhone 13, but for a host of products and services that Apple is planning. Everything will be revealed on the day, but we do have some details on what to expect.

The biggest drawcard will no doubt be the newest iPhone, and details are uncertain at best. But it is rumored to feature a smaller notch at the top of the screen and several camera enhancements. There are also rumors that it will feature a Liquid Retina XDR mini-LED LCD screen.

Mobile phone website GSM Arena recently updated its product page for the iPhone 13, where it listed that the device will launch with iOS 15, have four lenses on the back (of which one is a 3D LiDAR scanner for depth), and the ability to make emergency calls over satellite.

There are also expected updates on Apple Watch Series 7, new AirPods and possibly a new iPad mini.

The secret in the invitation

Having all the details on the invitation is good and well, but if you simply glanced over it, you missed a cool effect. When looking at the Apple logo on the event page, click on the glowing logo. Like magic, an augmented reality effect kicks in. Sadly, this only works on iPhone.

Apple event

It uses the iPhone’s built-in ARKit viewer, and the Apple logo will be transposed over whatever you are standing in front of. Inside the apple, you can see the lake, and if you zoom in, you are transported there. The date of the event will hover over the water.

Apple AR effect

What does this exactly mean? We’re not sure, but it could point towards Apple incorporating more AR into its products. But since the AR effect is somewhat hidden, it might just maybe be a neat trick.

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